Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Running In A Onesie, Anyone?

What on earth is a Onesie you ask?
photo nicked from Amazon
This is a Onesie.
And in keeping with our aim to "diversify" our running interest, the family will be joining the Onesie Runsie! KL Run organised by The Marathon Company on May 29th, 2016 at Lake Garden KL.

Sometimes we run seriously, sometimes we run and have fun. Balanced that way, right? ^^

There are two distances available, 5K and 2.5K. Quite affordable fees too, if we compare fun run fees nowadays. And there's even family category.

We will just run in the 2.5K category this time. More time to muck about that way. Hahaha

I'm sure it'll be loads of fun.

Registrations is still open at myraceonline (click here for more details).

See you on Sunday, May 29th 2016 at 7.30am! Remember, it's at Perdana Botanical Garden Kuala Lumpur (or Lake Garden).


  1. I like this. This is too cute! Maybe I wanna participate :D

  2. This is something cute... But by wearing the costume and run, would it be much hotter? I can straightaway pengsan... not enough of oxygen. Luckily this fun run is about 5KM and 2.5KM.

    1. Fun run mah. No need be so serious. Hihi

  3. I can imagine a bunny, a tortoise and pokemon running already!!

    cute, and sweet as well!! hahahaha ^^

  4. I'm waiting to see you in a onesie :D

  5. Waaah! All the runs are getting more fun and innovative these days. I love this concept and hope to see more creative runs. You are always inspiring all of us with new things in your blogs.

    1. Come la Anay.

      Drag Thmabee also. Hahaha



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