Friday, 1 July 2016

Running, So Far

If you ever read or skimmed my blog before, you would know that I like to run.

Fast or slow doesn't matter. Occasionally I'd follow a training plan and see a bump in my monthly mileage and sometimes, I happily go lazy (or off-season). Hahaha
Case in point:
January - at almost the end of a 12-week training program for a race on January, 24th 2016; the Twincity Marathon in Putrajaya. Didn't get my sub2:30 that day, with my 2:34 finish.

Total mileage of 150K. 24 sessions because I usually do different reading for warm-ups and actual training runs. So one day there might be three sessions : warmup walk, run, cooldown walk.

I'm still trying to train for walking too.
February - no training plan, no target race, so run also kinda malas... Only 113K done for the month with 10 days that I ran.
50K of total mileage came from one single session - a 50K LSD that Hubby and I on February 7th, 2016.

We went around Putrajaya for 11hours, on feet! :)

Off season mah. LOL
March - still being lazy. LOL

The only reason there were mileage was because I entered Powerman and also did Bukit Jalil Half Marathon. I HAD A RACE. So I crammed last minute.

Did one extra run compared to February but with lesser mileage total.

There was a 3-weeks straight days of laziness this month! @.@

But kinda syiok also, I tell you.
April - lazier than Feb & Mar! This is what happen when I don't have a target race.

42K that came from doing Nike We Run KL Half Marathon (with an abysmal 2:44 finish. Heck! I finished in 2:43 at Bukit Jalil Half Marathon and I ran 23K!) and the BDB Climb & Run route review in Langkawi.

But... I did a whole lot of crewing and volunteering for races in April. So, I wasn't that lazy... Just didn't run only. Hihi
May - the start of training program so mileage and motivation went up. Although training only started on May 16th. It was pretty erratic prior to that week.

126K for the month but the training sessions were still hit and miss. I didn't manage to follow 100% of what was required but hey! I'm trying.

Joined a half marathon in Nilai on May 15th, at the very last minute and as expected, timing was dismal with a 2:50 finish. But that said, I enjoyed the run and it did motivate me to get my butt back to running.
June - still not 100% according to training plan as it is not easy for me to juggle training, work, religious obligations during Ramadan plus freelancing and doing it at night... Not to mention blogging too. And also feeling guilty about not spending time with the family and opting to train, etc etc....

But I'm trying. My best.

Admittedly, sometimes I will just laze and rest instead of going for a run. Hahaha

I'm hoping to see a good July month. Let's work hard and smart, ya?

We run tonight! Looking forward to 4 loops around Bukit Cinta, UM with my GC kakis. :-)


  1. Good lah got monthly log, can see how you fare throughout the year.

    1. The log comes with the GPS watch that I owned ;)

  2. Hubby was just telling me that he & his colleague had decided to walk from point A to B after their business mtg just the other day & it took them 1hr 15mins! I thought that was crazy! I would probably faint half way. Hahaha! Have a great week, dear! xoxo

    1. Hahaha

      Have a great week too! :)



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