Wednesday, 31 August 2016

My Epic August In Running

August month for 2016 has been an awesome month for me, running wise.

A recap.
First weekend of August - the most happening run in Malaysia: Standard Chartered KL Marathon where I did a half marathon. Wasn't a PB but I dipped the 2:30 mark (again!) so I was still quite happy about it. But no PB, so no reward makan-makan! Bwahaha
A pleasant surprise at a 10K run in Jog For Hope the week after SCKLM and getting a placing. It was a bonus as I did a better timing at the route from last year's run. A full 3 minutes!

Yeay, treat myself and hubby to a nice makan at Plan B for brunch after that.
Photo credit : Running Malaysia
It was PUMA Night Run the week after Jog For Hope and the whole family went to Shah Alam and participated in the 10K run. ^^

Tummy ache that day so no makan.
My final run for August was at CICM Responsible Care Run and I did a half-marathon and finishing with a placing too!

Simple makan for dinner but it was my favourite steamed siakap with asam boi. Yums! 
The icing on the cake - these placing medals on top of the finisher medals I received after each run.

But more important than any finisher or placing medals or trophies: I still love to run and I still enjoy my runs. I plan to continue enjoying them for more years to come. Fast or slow. I just want to continue running and be happy for my own achievements. 

OK, let's have fun in September! 

We'll start with a walk at Nestle Walk-A-Mile on Saturday and off we go to Seremban for Seremban Half Marathon on Sunday. (I'm still quite bitter at Seremban Half Marathon organiser for not bothering to reply my whatsapp so this may be my last Seremban Half Marathon). Four times running in the same route - enough already la, right?

Sunday, 28 August 2016

My Second Half Marathon In August - CICM Responsible Care Run

I dunno what got into me when I registered for the CICM Responsible Care Run held on Aug 28th, 2016. I've done the run in 2012 when it was held in Setia Alam (race recap here) and registered for the 2013 edition  in Putrajaya (but I later DNS because it got postponed or venue changed).

Anyway, I registered to do a 21K back in June when I was looking at my training plan and saw that I needed to do 16K. Very pandai, upgrade the 16K to a 21K race. And at a super crazy hilly route some more. For training konon. Train with hills. Konon. Hahaha

The 21K field was small, what with several running events held on the same day not only in Klang Valley but around Malaysia.

As this was my first week back into training after a two weeks rest - post SCKLM; I thought I'd just go easy - 7.10min pace for the first 10K and 7.30min for the balance. Showed how ignorant I was about the route elevation.

Yup, I was totally clueless about this route other than what friends shared - that it's hilly.
Ya... this hilly. Macam mau mati lari, especially when one didn't exactly was running regularly since Aug 7th. 

We were flagged off at 6.15am and the first 6K was out of Taman Botani area and into residential area. The first 600mtr and later at certain stretch was pitch black and only the lights of passing cars helped light up the road.

I think there was a water station (WS) at KM3.5 but the volunteers there were just standing quietly in the dark without moving or saying anything that most runners didn't stop there.

At KM6, we made our way back into Taman Botani and I entered and was running in front of the start line and they were flagging off the 10K runners. 

The 10K runners immediately face crazy ass incline from the start and I was relieved when 21K runners were later directed to the left and the 10K runners towards another hill. Steep hill (that one with the highest spike in my graph).

From 3K onwards, I kinda followed this one lady as she was really consistent with her running and easily ran up all the inclines (I walked quite a few but somehow managed to catch up with her).

There were 3 u-turns, 1 at KM4 back to Taman Botani, another at KM11 (I think) and the last one at KM18 (both the latter ones with timing mat for checkpoints).

I brought along 2 Glukos energy gel with me and a bottle of N8 Endurance drink mix. I ate an energy gummy before the run because I couldn't find my favourite Torrone Barley Mint Sweets which was a bummer.

Dunno what happen, by KM4 I was feeling funny and slowed down a bit. A fella patted my back and told me to keep going. I just smiled and continued walking until I felt slightly better.

From then onwards, I ran while trying to stop myself from vomiting. Not sure whether it was the gummy but with a temperamental tummy, I decided to not take any energy gel throughout the run. I didn't even dare to drink the isotonic drinks provided at the water stations but I took sips of the mixed N8 Endurance drink that I carried in a mineral water bottle during the run. Yup, sips only and the drink somehow managed to carry me through the whole of 21.3K!
It was the first time I took the drink mix out during a race and I was glad I did!

Anyways, with all the discomfort and dizziness to boot especially when tackling the hills after hills after hills (godammit! Hahaha) my focus was just to keep the lady with a hydration pack in my sight. 

We finally chatted with each other as I caught up and ran beside her at KM17 but she sped ahead afterwards. Later we ran together until KM19, talked about our races (it was her 3rd time running in Taman Botani - she had done 7K, 10K and this time the 21K at the park) while it was my first time. 

With about 1.5K to go, I started to run again, pushing myself and thinking about the finish line as motivation. Looking at the other E (veteran) category runners who had u-turned after KM18; I thought I'd stand a chance at 5th placing (I count them one by one la...)
The final 300m and saw Hubby's annoyed face. He told me I can continue walking as I just missed the 5th placing spot. Demmit! I was like "How did I missed counting one runner".

But no, I run not for placing but because I want to run (occasionally have to walk because tired already...)

Friends who were on duty with the timing told me I just missed the 5th place spot and I was feeling quite down about it so I just crossed the Finish Line, got my finisher tee and medal and then went to lepak with them as they were checking the finishing runners about 150mtr from the finish line.

Hubby and Son meanwhile went elsewhere so I was free to chat with people.
The lady from Kota Kinabalu whom I shadowed until KM19. 

Congrats to us on finishing the run! :-)

I peeped at the manual results and saw that Women Open Category 5th placing still didn't finish yet and at that time, I was sorely wishing I had registered in the Open Category instead! Women Veteran kick ass!

So there I was feeling a bit glum when suddenly I heard my bib number and name was called from the stage. Wasn't sure what was happening but after hearing my name being called 3 times, I decided to run to the stage. Menang lucky draw kot.
Turned out, I was the 5th place finisher! One of the top 5 had been DQed because she didn't run the complete loop. I was informed that she herself had informed the organiser about it. Respect!
Yeay! Got trophy and cash prizes some more!

Lucky me lah. There weren't many running in my category today (there were even less in the Women Open) hahaha
Friends, Hong Lan & Kelvin - the timing people. ^^

Great runners they are and equally great friend and supporter of anyone running.
Just like Jog For Hope which I did on Aug 14th, another 5th place finish for me. 10K that time and 21K this time.

It was a happy ending this time. To think that I had seriously thought of DNSing the run due to a slight pain in my left ankle. Hubby too wasn't keen about me doing the run, what with the injury.

But I think I somewhat, somehow cure it by running today! Pain gone already! No more swelling too! Bwahaha

I finished another half marathon and will do another one next Sunday at Seremban Half Marathon. Hope I can do better (in terms of timing) in Seremban!

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Bursa Bull Charge 2016 Route Review Session

On Saturday, Aug 27th I joined a group of Bursa Malaysia runners and also a few blogger friends and did the Bursa Bull Charge Route Review.
Photo credit : Runwitme
Bursa runners and also us bloggers, before the start of the run.

I had thought perhaps it'll be an easy session and just look-see look-see, happy run along the route (some of us did the 5K route and some did the 2.5K route) but everyone seemed to be speeding off that morning. Hahaha

Ariff, who was the RD for BDB Triple Challenge (which I did the route review in Langkawi for their BDB Climb & Run Langkawi in June); ran and chatted with me and another blogger Max of Runwitme fame as we started running.

Ariff sped off after the first incline at around 1K mark and I ran with Max until about the 2K mark. I then followed a group of 3 guys and kept following this one guy until we reached St. John school.

I decided to follow the guy as I wasn't familiar with the route and wanted someone as a guide. Truthfully, it was quite nice to have someone pacing too, albeit without their knowledge. Hahaha
The route that we did for the 5K category. 
Took it real easy for 2K and followed the guys' pace after that as I only wanted an easy, warm up run before Sunday's half-marathon.

The start will be fast as it a downhill but runners will face an incline a few hundred metres towards Jalan Ceylon after that. Another incline starts at Muzium Telekom up to St. John school at Bukit Nanas.

Traffic was a concern. Plus heat too. But I suppose the organiser will have provide a top safety measures for runners. For runners, we have to prepare ourselves for the 3pm heat lah...

Bursa Bull Charge 2016 will be held on Thursday, Sep 8th. For more information the run, visit

After the run, everyone was treated with a generous spread of nasi lemak, kuih muih and a sinful, to die for, rugi if don't eat chocolate cake. I was happy I took a huge slice of it. Hahaha
After the session, I decided to add a bit of extra mileage and head towards Padang Merbuk. There was a Merdeka Parade rehearsal at Dataran Merdeka so I stopped for a while there to see it. 

All in all, a good session. Looking forward to the run on Thursday Sep 8th! A few of my friends will be running too. :)

Friday, 26 August 2016

Press Release : ALMOST RM70,000 RAISED IN JOG FOR HOPE 2016

Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas students raise funds for three children’s homes in 8th edition of annual charity run
>SUBANG JAYA, 25 August 2016 – There is no better way to encourage members of the public to give back to society than to get everyone to contribute in a fun way.

Jog For Hope 2016 was testament to that. The annual run organised by Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas, which took place on 14 August 2016, saw 1,786 participants - from fun-loving strollers to elite runners, engaging in a morning of fitness and fun.

Along a route cutting through the hilly roads of Hartamas, runners ran for the right reasons – to contribute towards a charitable cause.

First organised in 2009, Jog For Hope is fully organised by students of Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas. This year, the organising committee comprised 42 students, supported by staff members of the college. Jog For Hope 2016 – the 8 th edition of the event, featured three distances – the 3km Fun Run, 6km Turbo Run and 10km Resilience Run. Participation fees were RM35 for schoolchildren, RM45 for tertiary students, RM55 for all other participants, and RM 450 for a corporate group of 10 participants.
Jog For Hope 2016 successfully raised a total of RM69,000, which was then channelled to benefit three homes for underprivileged children.
The Kirtash Handicapped and Disabled Children’s Home in Rawang, the Sweet Care Home in Selayang and the Special Children Society in Ampang each received a donation of RM23,000.

Project manager Dheevanth Devendran was delighted at the success of the event. “Education is more than just textbooks. Through this event, we were able to grow our leadership and life skills. I am proud of my committee for their hard work and sacrifice since April. We have gained tremendously in experience by organising this event. Thank you to everyone who helped us along the way - at every point of planning and execution. My appreciation also goes out to everyone who participated in the run – I hope you enjoyed yourselves! Each and every one of you is very much appreciated,” Dheevanth said.

Dheevanth shared that the amount raised was well beyond the committee’s expectations. “Overall, there were not as many participants as we had last year, but we managed to raise the funds needed. Thanks to the generosity of the participants, each home received a significant amount. We also had more sponsors this year compared to the previous year. On behalf of the committee, I would like to convey our deepest appreciation to the sponsors for contributing to this event,” he added.

One participant, Tasha Thomas, who is a student at Taylor’s College, said that she thoroughly enjoyed the race. “It’s really nice to see everyone coming together for a good cause. For me, it was like a reunion as I got to meet some of my high school friends. And since this is my first time in a race, it was fun to run together,” she said.

It was indeed an atmosphere of togetherness, as participation saw not only Taylor’s students, but also a mix of parents, children, locals, international visitors and just about everyone who had heard about the run.

Another participant, Ahmad, said he got to know about the race through one of his friends. “I found out today that this run was organised entirely by students! What a great achievement. Looking at the amount raised and the charities that will benefit from the donations, I feel that my morning has been very well spent, helping these students succeed in their noble cause,” he commented.

For further information on Jog For Hope 2016, please visit the website and for further details on Taylor’s College, please log on to 

About Taylor’s College

Founded in 1969, Taylor’s College, a member of the Taylor’s Education Group, is a leading pre-university College in Malaysia providing university preparatory programmes including Cambridge A Levels (CAL), South Australian Matriculation (SAM)/SACE International and Canadian Pre-University (CPU) programmes. In 2009, Taylor’s College also introduced the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), the only private college in Malaysia that offers the programme in a unique college setting.

Every year, Taylor’s College places over 1,000 students into the top 200 universities in the world. Taylor’s College is the largest and most successful centre in Malaysia for CAL whilst its CPU programme has more than 80% qualified Canadian professionals, certified by the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT).100% of its SAM / SACE International teachers are on the SACE Board of South Australia panel of examiners and trained annually by SACE Board of South Australia. With qualified teachers from an average of 16 years of experience, IBDP programme is conducted in small class sizes and supportive environment to ensure that every student experiences personalised learning.

Taylor’s College is the only Malaysian college to have all campuses rated 6 Stars (outstanding) by the Ministry of Education Malaysia for two consecutive times, in the 2012/2013 and 2014/2015 MyQUEST evaluation for overall quality of learning. 

Taylor’s College also clinched the No.1 ranking in Malaysia for students’ overall learning experience, students’ living experience and students support experience in the 2014 i-graduate survey which surveyed 211 colleges and universities worldwide.

With campuses in Subang Jaya and Sri Hartamas, Taylor’s College aims to produce well-rounded future leaders equipped with critical learning skills, life skills and leadership skills that are essential to academic and career success.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Breezy Process For Passport Renewal In Putrajaya

I've been reading news with much worry about the passport shortage across Malaysia especially in the city areas due to the new biometric chip passport glitch by the company that handled its printing. 

It's also worrying to read about friends who went to renew passports and had to queue a few times as number had ran out for the day because only a very limited numbers were allocated each day due to the shortage. 

Hubby and I needed to renew our passport too but we decided not to join the panicky and long queue in July and we waited and bidded our time. There were news abound that a passport application process might take as long as six months and that probably contributed to the passport renewing and applying frenzy.

A friend went to Kuala Kubu branch a couple of weeks ago and got hers after about a 4-hour wait. She was quite worried about not getting hers done as she needed her passport urgently. Quite OK lah, I suppose and she didn't have to queue at 4am just to get her numbers.

I had an event to go to in Putrajaya, in the afternoon so Hubby and I decided we'd try and renew our passport while waiting for the event to start at 2.30pm. We thought, if there's a long queue, we go renew, pay and later collect the passports after the event. Or later later lah...

After sending Son to school, we head off to Putrajaya and joined the queue at around 7.15am. The Immigration Office opens at 7.30am but we were ushered to the lifts to 3rd Floor where the Immigration Office is located at around 7.40am. Ikut turn tau.
No 28. Not bad.

Our number was called about 25 minutes later and about 10 minutes later, made payment. Payment can be done with cash or cards (debit/credit/charge card). So convenient wei! And so fast also.

It's a one hour wait for passport collection so we decided to go eat breakfast first.

Came back one hour later, and just queued for our passports which were already waiting for us to collect. As a matter of fact, the fella in front of us held number 40. 

Total hours spent : less than 2.5 hours!

When we left, numbers for passport renewal and application were still available and before 10am the officers there had served about 100 applicants. Talk about efficient!

So kudos Putrajaya Immigration Office branch.

I am not paid by any government bodies for this positive review.
Bad review you all viral. Good review, must also viral. Baru fair. 

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Ignite The Runner In You PUMA Night Run, Shah Alam

Touted to be the biggest PUMA Night Run event todate, anywhere; ten thousand runners (including me and my family) made our way to Dataran Kemerdekaan Shah Alam on Saturday evening to participate in PUMA Night Run.

It's the first time PUMA Night Run was held at Dataran Kemerdekaan Shah Alam as their first two editions were held at Setia Alam. Unfortunately, my personal opinion is: Shah Alam is not exactly the best route to accommodate 10K runners; especially not during a busy Saturday evening. In a residential area. Full stop.
There were two waves for the 10K category:
  1. 10K Competitive (Men & Women) with A1 & B1 bib numbers
  2. 10K Recreational (Men & Women) with A2 & B2 bib numbers
Despite the many reminders by the emcees that only runners with bibs starting with numbers A1 & B1 to enter the pen for the 8.00pm flag-off, I saw quite a number of runners with A2 & B2 doing so too. There were RELA members (two of them) manning the entrance of the pen area and understandably both of them cannot check all those who were pushing to enter.

Understandably that is, until one of them pulled me back and ask for my bib. The one with bib B1 got pulled back and a throng of A2 and B2 entered without much problem. 
Flag-off was at 8.00pm and it took me about 4minutes to cross the start line. 


What running? I know that these type of run has many runners who were out just to have fun but when 80% of them were already strolling (walking) from the start line; it makes for a hugely congested running path.
Some thoughts for both organiser & fellow runners:
For the Organiser:
  • They lack the foresight on how 10K crowd would be like, thinking that coning off one lane of the road would be enough. One lane road for runners are not enough for the volume they had!
  • The control of those flagging-off for competitive and leisure run can be improved. Otherwise, what's the point of having the two waves? And no, two RELA volunteers to check on 5 thousand bibs (assuming that's the number of those doing the competitive run) wasn't enough.
  • Lack of safety and traffic marshall all throughout the 10K route. The organiser had effectively closed off most of the entry/exit point of residence in Seksyen 11 and part of Seksyen 6 (other areas were affected too but not as bad as Seksyen 11); yet they didn't place marshall at all the junctions. While some drivers were patient. some were not and I've heard about runners almost being knocked down by cars. 
  • I only managed a 23min for 3K yet for a pace that is slightly below the 8min/km; I never did managed to see the 8min pacer balloons. A friend who wanted to chase the 7min pacers didn't see the ballons even after 4K! And he started way in front of me!
  • Dark road stretch at KM6 and KM7 were not addressed.
  • Weird placing of water stations (first one was at KM4) and water ran out for stragglers. 
  • Shah Alam at 8.00pm is simply not the venue for a big run that PUMA Night Run saw.
  • Some runners didn't step on the timing mat at KM5.5 mark because there wasn't any volunteers reminding and guiding them towards the mat. A number just walked on the pavement completely oblivious about the halfway mark timing mat. 
  • Don't just go for numbers when quality simply wasn't there.
For the runners:
  • Runners used both lanes and some "stupid" runners thought that running and getting a PB is far more important that their own safety that they enroached the road where traffic was not blocked and cars were zooming past them from the opposite side. You call Pokemon-go players stupid and time wasting? These runners are even stupider wei!
  • If you have no intention to run from the start, please refrain in registering for the competitive category next time or if you hold a A2 & B2 bib numbers and also didn't plan to run, refrain from entering the pen before your allocated flag-off time. No, I'm not talking about how fast you can run. You can run a 9min/km pace for all I care, but you can join the competitive category if you want running and improve your timing. You have my admiration and respect. BUT if you are already walking at 100 mtr, hold hands, chat - that's is not competitive. Spare a thought for those who actually want to run. Don't block the road. This is not a Pasar Malam outing.  
  • Don't shout at volunteers and the medic team. They are there to help us. And if you are tired and do not want to walk anymore, the medic has the right the refuse you to board the ambulance. Being tired (but still able to shout at people) is NOT an emergency, dai lo.  Board a bus la. Volunteers already apologised profusely when they ran out of water at one of the WS. 
  • Oh yeah, dude running in the middle of the road at KM2 point - spitting on the road is not cool. Swallow your "kahak". If it's gross for you to swallow it, it is much more gross to have it on my shoes. Bodo.
But as I joined the stragglers (I gave up on making any effort to run after 3K because it seems pointless); I saw that most "runners" were just happy pounding the tarmac -  walking. 

And being behind, I noted that all along the route, I didn't hear any honking from the cars that passed by. A few cars patiently waited for a clear path but as there were no marshals, they were unable to continue their journey. 

A little girl shouted words of encouragement from a car and then we heard more words of encouragement as we passed an apartment complex. 
Anyhoo, it was nice to bump into friends along the route - a few wondered why I was standing by the roadside and not running or taking photos; and later met a few more friends at the finish line.
And Son, after a few month's break from running in races; finished his 10K last night. So proud of him. ^^

Will I do PUMA Night Run again? I don't know.

The technical team has to buck up.
The Shah Alam route is not exactly the best route (to put it mildly) for ten thousand runners. Especially not on a Saturday night. You all don't know ah, we Malaysians like to go out at night? 

Friday, 19 August 2016

The Tale Of Twincity Marathon

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, wrote Charles Dickens in the Tale of Two Cities.

For most runners who did the Cyberjaya Twincity Marathon which was held on January 24th, 2016; that was perhaps exactly how they felt as they completed their respective categories. All the hard work they put in during months of training leading to race day, battling fatigue running in the hot and humid course and finally the elation and a sense of accomplishment as they crossed the finish line and handed their hard earned medals.

Cyberjaya Twincity Marathon offered 4 distance categories:
• Full marathon (42km)
• Half marathon (21km)
• 12K
• and 5K fun run.

The generous 8-hours cut-off time for the full marathon category and 4-hours for the half marathon made this event appealing for runners especially those who wanted to do their first full marathon. The route gave runners a chance to explore Cyberjaya and Putrajaya on foot. It was also great that the organisers provided a number of pacers for both the full marathon and half marathon categories to assist runners to run and meet their target finishing time.
Dato' Faris Yahaya (fifth from left), the managing director of Cyberview Sdn Bhd who ensured Cyberjaya Twincity Marathon a successful event since 2014 is also a runner and had participated in a number of international marathons. Faris started running in full marathon in 2009 and he had not looked back since.

It is his intention to turn Cyberjaya Twincity Marathon into a signature event for the country and be known all over the world. He believes that a marathon can put a city’s name on the world map and he not only wants to elevate Cyberjaya as a global tech hub but also as a city that promotes healthy living practices.

Dato' Faris did the half marathon in Cyberjaya Twincity Marathon this year. Now, how many MD of a company that hold a marathon event who also ran in it?

He is also proud of the fact that from only two runners among his old batchmates at Malay College Kuala Kangsar (including himself), there is now a group of twenty who are running and ten of them did their first half marathon at Cyberjaya Twincity Marathon! Equally inspiring to know, two of his friends; Salimin Saidin and Ismadi Ismail managed to lose 20kg and 10kg respectively through an active lifestyle. A great achievement for a batch of 48 year old, old boys from MCKK!
Another running group which Dato' Faris is a member of; the Gaited Community had more than 15 of their members joining the full marathon, 10 members did the half marathon and a few more did the 12K.
The full marathon category was flagged off at 4.00am, followed by half marathon category at 5.30am, 12K category at 6.30am and finally the 5K fun run category at 7.00am.

The early flag-off time spared most runners from running too long under the hot sun. The organiser, mindful of the need for Muslim runners to perform their Subuh prayers in view of the early start, had provided suraus located at water stations (WS) from KM9 onwards. The WS at this marathon event provided something “extra” for full marathon runners, apart from the standard water, isotonic and fruits. There was a WS that provided freshly made roti canai and teh tarik for full marathon runners at KM33.5! Furthermore, we were not only served with water and isotonic, we also enjoyed “air jagung” and “sirap bandung” at the WS. We were also treated with ice cream Malaysia at the last WS, located just 2K away from the finish line and it was heavenly.

A few notable runners during the Cyberjaya Twincity Marathon whom I managed to contact:

Dr Liau Kok Keon, a paediatrician and of the Skyhawk Marathon Club Melaka which had successfully organised the Skyhawk Nature Run in Melaka a week before Cyberjaya Twincity Marathon ran in the full marathon category together with his wife. Both are avid runners and it was Mrs Liau’s (Dr Jess) first full marathon and paced by her husband, she managed to complete her run in 5 hours and 37 minutes!
For G. Suresh Kumar who had competed in several racewalking events both local and overseas such as the 15th Australian Masters Games held in Adelaide in 2015, where he bagged gold medals for 1500m, 3,000m and 5,000m; he was happy to complete his second full marathon after 10 years in 4 hours 31 minutes by racewalking. This was his first attempt at racewalking the marathon distance and he did it faster than most runners who did it by running!

Yahya Iskandar and his wife Nasa Zaidul; who are a fixture in the running events in Malaysia flew all the way from Kuching, Sarawak to participate.

Both are members of the Marathon Maniacs club and had done numerous marathons.

Apart from the full marathon and half marathon categories, there were also the 12K and 5K fun run categories. In the shorter distance categories, a number of runners were seen running in it with their families and having fun together.
Mimi Sadina Abu Samah ran in the half marathon category. Her 12 year old daughter, Ariana Safiyya Azmir joined the 12K and Mimi’s mother did the 5K fun run. Mimi’s mother, Aziah Mohd Sharif caught the running bug first and it was later shared by her daughter and granddaughter. At the moment, Aziah chooses to run in the fun run category that are less than 10K but who knows, perhaps she’ll upgrade to farther distance in the future? At 62, Aziah certainly proved that there is nothing stopping her from being active and leading a healthy lifestyle! This family certainly showed that running is a great way to bond and be healthy together.

The next Cyberjaya Twincity Marathon is planned to be held in January 2017. Dato' Faris wants to have the marathon as the event to kickstart the New Year and new resolution for runners.

See you in 2017.

Footnote :
Perhaps this is a weird time to publish this post about an event held in January.  I stumbled on it again a few days ago. That's why. And seem so sayang never to get it out.

I wrote it after pitching the idea to a newspaper editor before the event itself, got a green light to do it and swiftly went to work by approaching one of the organising team member to have access on race information, invited runners and also official photos.

After much work and hours spent, sadly the article got shelved (I never got a rejection but was told the article I wrote is being put on KIV).

But in writing this, I learn a lot and anyway, another article I wrote titled "Sisters Are Running" did get published later in February.

A heartfelt thank you to Dato' Faris Yahaya for spending time answering my questions for this post in January, shortly after the marathon, despite his busy schedule.
Thank you too to everybody who had helped and participated in the conception of this article and also for their consent to use their photos.

If possible, a humble request to the organiser for the January 2017 Cyberjaya Twincity Marathon – an access for media (not only for the mainstream media but also for us “picisan” bloggers and key opinion leaders) to have information on the run and their invited runners apart from the run itself; other than what little information we could glean from the registration portal and facebook page/website.
p.s. I’m planning to do my full marathon at Cyberjaya Twincity Marathon. Sponsors are greatly appreciated and welcomed! Muahaha

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Another "Win" In The Bag

After the nice run at Jog For Hope 2016 last Sunday; in which I finished fifth, I had another nice surprise.

It was for a run I did two Sundays ago, at Standard Chartered KL Marathon (SCKLM) 2016.

The race organiser had an SCKLM Media Challenge and runners from different media houses "competed" to vie to become the winner in their respective categories.

The winners are determined by the fastest time in their respective categories during SCKLM 2016 on Aug 7th.

There are only be one winner selected in the following categories:
  • Full Marathon (Men’s and Women’s)
  • Full Marathon (Men’s and Women’s Veteran) 
  • Half Marathon (Men’s and Women’s)
  • Half Marathon (Men’s and Women’s Veteran)
  • 10 km (Men’s and Women’s)
  • 10 km (Men’s and Women’s Veteran)
Look who won her category!

I was informed about the win on Monday and of course I couldn't miss the media appreciation hi-tea and prize presentation that they held.
 I totally love this medal!
With the other Media Challenge winners during the prize presentation.

It's so awesome to be standing on the stage with podium winning runners who also part of media and participated in the media challenge.

Thank you Standard Chartered KL Marathon, Dirigo Events and Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia for the award and also for the nice hi-tea session.

Hope I can "compete" again next year!

(Though I think it'll be tougher to win next year because now everyone wants to join the challenge! LOL)

Monday, 15 August 2016

Jog For Hope 2016 By Taylor's College Sri Hartamas Pre-U Students

Jog For Hope is an annual jogathon organized by the pre-university students of Taylor's College Sri Hartamas. The main objective is to raise funds for charitable organizations and societies so that they are able to continue carrying out their purpose and help the community. This year, funds obtained will be donated to Kirtarsh Handicapped and Disabled Children's Home, Special Children Society of Ampang and Sweet Care Welfare Society.

This is my second year joining Jog For Hope, after doing it for the first time last year. (Race recap here)

I hadn't planned for anything strenuous for this week and next week as I want to relax and be an absolute couch potato for two weeks after doing the SCKLM 2016 HM so the plan was just to enjoy the run.

It was good that I had put aside a rest week because I somehow injured my left calf and was hobbling along from Monday to Thursday so I didn't feeling guilty for not running at all. Then I kinda gotten back pain on Thursday and I still can't bend down properly until today! At least I'm getting better already. Phew.

Anyways, it was total rest and no workout from Monday to Friday, so I decided to "test" my legs on Saturday to see whether I could run pain-free on Sunday. And then I did some squats and lunges after the run. (Clever, because I was sore on Sunday during the run! Miahaha)
Just like last year, I only collected my t-shirt and bib on race morning (registration was still open on race morning).

And just like last year, all categories were flagged-off at the same time; the 3K, 6K and 10K.  The run was supposed to start at 7.00am but we were only flagged-off at 7.20am-ish but I only started my watch after I passed the Start Line Banner at 7.25am. (We started at 7.38am last year miahaha)
I started somewhere in the middle and it took me quite a few minutes to be able to start running as most were just happily walking.

No biggie lah. Gotta understand that most were students and runners just going out to have fun for charity. I think it was after about 500m that I finally started to run.

I tried not to be preoccupied with my pace so I just run without pushing too much. But the legs felt a tad heavy and by the time I reached the first CP and water station at KM1.6, I was wishing I had registered for a 3K run instead. LOL

I took my first walk break at KM2.8 for about 100m while going up a 400m uphill section and as I got to KM3 mark, there was Hubby waiting for me.
As I run past him, he told me "I saw you walking just now" and I just stuck my tongue out at him and continued running. Hahaha

A friend; Aiza who also ran HM with me at TM Fan Run and SCKLM caught up with me at around KM6 mark.

I had forgotten the long incline from KM6 to KM7 and then KM7.5 to KM8+ and at this section, I resorted to walk breaks for about 150m each.

I didn't train at the Hartamas route so I kinda forgotten how hilly this route was!

But maintaining an even effort was good for me and I didn't really push during my run so I was just maintaining a 20min, 3K goal all the way through.
I drank a few mouthful of the N8 Endurance sports drink before the run (just about 20ml or so) and it was interesting to note that for the first time in any races; I didn't feel the need to stop for a drink for the whole 10.5K run that I did!

It was the same thing on Saturday when I did a 30min run plus a 30min walk session. I only drank about 200ml of the N8 Endurance Sports Drink and went out without any breakfast and I could last the whole hour.

I'm quite excited to try the drink again during my training session once it starts in two weeks' time and on race days too!

Aiza caught up with me again at KM9 and we ran together until we got to the finish line.

The race director had placed the finish line further uphill than last year's location so we had to do a bit more uphill for our final surge to finish. Blergh

I saw Hubby motioning me to run faster when I was about 50m to finish and he was showing with his hand my placing so I pushed forward to finish.
My placing card and timing.

I was happily surprised to finish 5th place in the Women Open 10K category! Equally happy that I shaved off 3min from last year's Jog For Hope official timing and that's with the extra uphill distance at Finish Line to boot!

A good results with the pace I was looking for (albeit it was off by 1-2sec from my 6:40min/km pace I had targeted) and I got my hills training to boot!
The prize giving ceremony later. 2 runners had already went back so only 3 of the top 5 were on stage.

All in all, a good morning. Sore thighs from Saturdays squats and lunges notwithstanding.

Now, I'll "mereput" and rest some more until Saturday's PUMA Night Run! Hahaha

And oh yeah, good job Taylor's College Sri Hartamas Pre-U Jog For Hope Team.

Congrats too, for the collection they collected for Kirtarsh Handicapped and Disabled Children's Home, Special Children Society of Ampang and Sweet Care Welfare Society. They had pledged to donate RM7,500.00 to each charity but they managed to give more! Big pat on the shoulder to them.

For next year's team, if I may give a suggestion - ensure more marshals to be placed at junctions (2015's team was good at this).

Quite a number of cars honked at runners and three cars made u-turns at the finish line area while runners were surging to finish. Not exactly a safe situation. 

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Press Release: Stand By Me - Charity Orchestra by JCI and UMMC

Junior Chamber International Petaling Jaya (JCI PJ) Stands By University Malaya Medical Centre Childhood Cancer Trust Fund with “Stand By Me”Concert by Kuen Cheng High School’s Wind Orchestra
Shah Alam, 6 August 2016 – The Junior Chamber International Petaling Jaya (JCI PJ), in collaboration with University Malaya, UM Medical Centre, and Kuen Cheng High School, is pleased to present "Stand by Me", a charity concert performed by Kuen Cheng High School’s Wind Orchestra. This year, the young musicians will perform to raise funds for the University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) Childhood Cancer Trust Fund. The orchestra was led by the illustrious Dato’ Wong Chee Hwa (D.K.S.D) (A.D.P).

JCI PJ Organising Chairman K.C. Har said, “The Stand By Me concert aims to help and support families with children that suffers from cancer. Every bit of assistance means a lot to these families. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all our partners and supporters for your kind effort, support, and contributions.”

“The Stand By Me" project is one of JCI PJ’s annual signature events and the organisation have been organizing various fund-raising projects since 2013 for the JCI PJ-UMMC Childhood Cancer Trust Fund. This is the first time they are collaborating with international awards winner, Kuen Cheng High School Wind Orchestra, formed since 1971. We hope that by organizing this meaningful event, we are not only supporting children with cancer but to create awareness on childhood cancer. We are overwhelmed by the time and commitment that these extraordinary youths have put into this concert. This is not only a platform for them to showcase their talents but more importantly, to empower youths to contribute towards positive change,” added Har.

According to Professor Hany Ariffin, Head of the Paediatric Oncology Unit at the University of Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC), “Childhood cancer is highly curable with 75-80% of children obtaining long-term cure. Given the likelihood of treatment success, we hope to give all our young patients, especially those who cannot afford treatment, the opportunity to achieve this.”

This charity fund-raising event aims to raise funds for childhood cancer patients who are undergoing treatment at UMMC, a leader in the management of childhood cancer. Since the 1970s, more than 5000 children with various types of malignancies have been successfully treated. Being a tertiary referral centre, UMMC receives paediatric cancer patients from within and outside Klang Valley. The majority (64%) of the patient families have household incomes of less than RM4,000 per month and 12% live below the poverty line.

The concert, held at the Shah Alam Royal Theatre, was made possible with the support of venue  partner Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam, strategic partner Selangor Youth Community, and design and marketing partner The Bridge. 
The charity concert was graced by Professor Dr. Hany Binti Mohd Arrifin, Professor and Consultant Paediatric Oncologist and Haematologist, Madam Tan Tat Chin, Vice Chairman Board of Director Kuen Cheng High School, Madam Chong Siew Fah, Vice Principal of Kuen Cheng High School, YB Pn. Rodziah Binti Ismail, Selangor State Assembly Woman for Batu Tiga, Pn Noorul Ashikin Mohd Din, General Manager of Tourism Selangor, and Pn Elya Marini Binti Darmin, Setiausaha Dewan Negeri Selangor.
About JCI PJ:
JCI PJ is an award winning chapter and has been awarded the Most Outstanding Local Organization in Malaysia since 2009. JCI PJ emphasizes on giving back to the community and believes that serving humanity is the best work of life. Since their existence 35 years ago, it has then grown to greater heights of its existence and its fantastic results can be seen in four areas of opportunities, namely Individual, Business, International and Community.

About University Malaya Medical Centre Childhood Cancer Research (UMMC):
Over the past 50 years, UM has pioneered many milestones in our Malaysian medical history. UM is the oldest university in Malaysia and was the first teaching university in the country. UMCC is the leader in the management of childhood cancer. The cure rate for acute lymphoblastic leukemia, the most common childhood cancer is at 81%. The Stand By Me concert aims to help and support families with children that suffers from cancer.

About Kuen Cheng High School Wind Orchestra
Kuen Cheng High School Wind Orchestra is the performing orchestra for this event, led by the illustrious Dato’ Wong Chee Hwa (D.K.S.D) (A.D.P). It was formed in 1971, almost 40 years ago. The orchestra comprises of talented and enthusiastic members who are passionate about musical performances. They are the winners for the international wind band competition for Chinese schools(Gold Award) for both 2011 and 2013.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Press Release : MPI Generali Run Launches New Logo To Fit Theme

  • Run logo re-energised with new look
  • 2017 Run categories: 10km (competitive) and 5km (fun) categories
  • Registration starts from 15 August 2016
Kuala Lumpur – MPI Generali Run today launched its new logo to better reflect its communal focus and a pride in the local popular landmarks.

The old logo has colour blocks with adult runner silhouettes, one colour block representing each of the five years. The new logo shows runner silhouettes from a range of ages and genders reinforced by a background that features the iconic KL Tower and PETRONAS Twin Towers.

It is a refreshing take on a community run that aims at presenting the best locally infused run experience to participants from all walks of life.

The distances have been simplified to two: 10km Competitive Run for solo runners and 5km Fun Run for teams of four, three or two, though solo Runners are welcome too. Taking place on 8 January 2017, the sixth MPI Generali Run has lined up exciting new concepts and attractions for families and friends to get healthier together, such as the Cosplay element for the 5km Fun Run. The theme is “Prince or Princess”, and the three Best Dressed “royalties” will get to win prizes.

With all the novelty, certain things remain evergreen and are kept for this new Run series such as:
  •  Tagline Healthy Lifestyle – Work-Life Balance
  •  The venue: Padang Merbok, the community’s all-time favourite running ground
  •  The CSR project Good Deeds, collection of pre-loved sports shoes and tee shirts for the Orang Asli Community
Registration for MPI Generali Run 2017 will start from 15 August 2016 at with an early bird special discount.
Please visit for more information.


MPI Generali Insurans Berhad (“MPI Generali”), formerly known as Multi-Purpose Insurans Bhd, is a strategic partnership between Multi-Purpose Capital Holdings Berhad, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of MPHB Capital Berhad, a public-listed company, and Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A., one of the largest global insurance providers with a rich heritage going back to 1831. MPI Generali Insurans Berhad’s core business is underwriting of general insurance.

MPI Generali Run is an annual run designed to help the community get healthier together. Kickstarting the local running calendar since 2012, MPI Generali Run has established a reputation as a well-organised and punctual event with well-designed run routes as well as a strong following comprising both new and seasoned runners.

MPI Generali Insurans is proud to position itself as the pioneer general insurer in organising a community-based run in Malaysia and including the run in its CSR programme.

The theme of Healthy Lifestyle – Work-Life Balance remains a relevant theme in today’s hectic and more sedentary lives. MPI Generali Run 2017 is the sixth in the general insurer’s run series and will take place on 8 January 2017 at Padang Merbok, Jalan Parlimen, Kuala Lumpur.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

PUMA Night Running Clinic In Desa ParkCity

Last week, Hubby and I braved the after office hour traffic jam to attend the PUMA Night Running Club Clinic which is held once a week at Desa Parkcity.
A huge turnout of runners eager to train at the running clinic but I was told that the crowd was a tad smaller than what they'd usually see.
As most were preparing and tapering for the weekend's Standard Chartered KL Marathon, the menu that day was a tempo run (if I recall and hear correctly lah).
The session started with a some dynamic warm ups led by the pacers(?) of the upcoming PUMA Night Run and then we followed the group run.
They are all wearing the new PUMA Ignite Dual model, by the way. ^^
Warming up session at the car park.
Groups were separated into pace and I joined the 7min pace group as I was only planning to do an easy run after all.
Photo credit : Victor
Met a number of familiar faces and I ended up running together with a running/blogger buddy and chatting the whole way! LOL
I had on my new PUMA Ignite Dual shoes, courtesy of PUMA Malaysia for the run so that I could test it a bit around Desa Parkcity.
Verdict : A nice shoes with soft, flexible toebox.
I did get a half-a-size too big for me but I think I could remedy it by wearing my Thorlo socks with it.
I'll be putting the shoes through it paces later during PUMA Night Run and see how it'll really fare.
Mana tau, this will be THE shoes for a new PB? Hihihi
The PUMA Ignite Dual shoes has already hit Malaysia shores since August 1st, 2016.
Oh yes, for those who had registered for PUMA Night Run but unable to collect their race kit last week, fret not.
Here's the new REPC date and venue.
See you guys on Saturday, August 20 2016!


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