My Epic August In Running

August month for 2016 has been an awesome month for me, running wise.

A recap.
First weekend of August - the most happening run in Malaysia: Standard Chartered KL Marathon where I did a half marathon. Wasn't a PB but I dipped the 2:30 mark (again!) so I was still quite happy about it. But no PB, so no reward makan-makan! Bwahaha
A pleasant surprise at a 10K run in Jog For Hope the week after SCKLM and getting a placing. It was a bonus as I did a better timing at the route from last year's run. A full 3 minutes!

Yeay, treat myself and hubby to a nice makan at Plan B for brunch after that.
Photo credit : Running Malaysia
It was PUMA Night Run the week after Jog For Hope and the whole family went to Shah Alam and participated in the 10K run. ^^

Tummy ache that day so no makan.
My final run for August was at CICM Responsible Care Run and I did a half-marathon and finishing with a placing too!

Simple makan for dinner but it was my favourite steamed siakap with asam boi. Yums! 
The icing on the cake - these placing medals on top of the finisher medals I received after each run.

But more important than any finisher or placing medals or trophies: I still love to run and I still enjoy my runs. I plan to continue enjoying them for more years to come. Fast or slow. I just want to continue running and be happy for my own achievements. 

OK, let's have fun in September! 

We'll start with a walk at Nestle Walk-A-Mile on Saturday and off we go to Seremban for Seremban Half Marathon on Sunday. (I'm still quite bitter at Seremban Half Marathon organiser for not bothering to reply my whatsapp so this may be my last Seremban Half Marathon). Four times running in the same route - enough already la, right?


  1. It is good that you do the things you love and enjoy. Good luck in September run.

    1. Of course we must do the things we enjoy in life, right? :)

  2. August was your month then. Make September better? hee..hee...


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