Jog For Hope 2016 By Taylor's College Sri Hartamas Pre-U Students

Jog For Hope is an annual jogathon organized by the pre-university students of Taylor's College Sri Hartamas. The main objective is to raise funds for charitable organizations and societies so that they are able to continue carrying out their purpose and help the community. This year, funds obtained will be donated to Kirtarsh Handicapped and Disabled Children's Home, Special Children Society of Ampang and Sweet Care Welfare Society.

This is my second year joining Jog For Hope, after doing it for the first time last year. (Race recap here)

I hadn't planned for anything strenuous for this week and next week as I want to relax and be an absolute couch potato for two weeks after doing the SCKLM 2016 HM so the plan was just to enjoy the run.

It was good that I had put aside a rest week because I somehow injured my left calf and was hobbling along from Monday to Thursday so I didn't feeling guilty for not running at all. Then I kinda gotten back pain on Thursday and I still can't bend down properly until today! At least I'm getting better already. Phew.

Anyways, it was total rest and no workout from Monday to Friday, so I decided to "test" my legs on Saturday to see whether I could run pain-free on Sunday. And then I did some squats and lunges after the run. (Clever, because I was sore on Sunday during the run! Miahaha)
Just like last year, I only collected my t-shirt and bib on race morning (registration was still open on race morning).

And just like last year, all categories were flagged-off at the same time; the 3K, 6K and 10K.  The run was supposed to start at 7.00am but we were only flagged-off at 7.20am-ish but I only started my watch after I passed the Start Line Banner at 7.25am. (We started at 7.38am last year miahaha)
I started somewhere in the middle and it took me quite a few minutes to be able to start running as most were just happily walking.

No biggie lah. Gotta understand that most were students and runners just going out to have fun for charity. I think it was after about 500m that I finally started to run.

I tried not to be preoccupied with my pace so I just run without pushing too much. But the legs felt a tad heavy and by the time I reached the first CP and water station at KM1.6, I was wishing I had registered for a 3K run instead. LOL

I took my first walk break at KM2.8 for about 100m while going up a 400m uphill section and as I got to KM3 mark, there was Hubby waiting for me.
As I run past him, he told me "I saw you walking just now" and I just stuck my tongue out at him and continued running. Hahaha

A friend; Aiza who also ran HM with me at TM Fan Run and SCKLM caught up with me at around KM6 mark.

I had forgotten the long incline from KM6 to KM7 and then KM7.5 to KM8+ and at this section, I resorted to walk breaks for about 150m each.

I didn't train at the Hartamas route so I kinda forgotten how hilly this route was!

But maintaining an even effort was good for me and I didn't really push during my run so I was just maintaining a 20min, 3K goal all the way through.
I drank a few mouthful of the N8 Endurance sports drink before the run (just about 20ml or so) and it was interesting to note that for the first time in any races; I didn't feel the need to stop for a drink for the whole 10.5K run that I did!

It was the same thing on Saturday when I did a 30min run plus a 30min walk session. I only drank about 200ml of the N8 Endurance Sports Drink and went out without any breakfast and I could last the whole hour.

I'm quite excited to try the drink again during my training session once it starts in two weeks' time and on race days too!

Aiza caught up with me again at KM9 and we ran together until we got to the finish line.

The race director had placed the finish line further uphill than last year's location so we had to do a bit more uphill for our final surge to finish. Blergh

I saw Hubby motioning me to run faster when I was about 50m to finish and he was showing with his hand my placing so I pushed forward to finish.
My placing card and timing.

I was happily surprised to finish 5th place in the Women Open 10K category! Equally happy that I shaved off 3min from last year's Jog For Hope official timing and that's with the extra uphill distance at Finish Line to boot!

A good results with the pace I was looking for (albeit it was off by 1-2sec from my 6:40min/km pace I had targeted) and I got my hills training to boot!
The prize giving ceremony later. 2 runners had already went back so only 3 of the top 5 were on stage.

All in all, a good morning. Sore thighs from Saturdays squats and lunges notwithstanding.

Now, I'll "mereput" and rest some more until Saturday's PUMA Night Run! Hahaha

And oh yeah, good job Taylor's College Sri Hartamas Pre-U Jog For Hope Team.

Congrats too, for the collection they collected for Kirtarsh Handicapped and Disabled Children's Home, Special Children Society of Ampang and Sweet Care Welfare Society. They had pledged to donate RM7,500.00 to each charity but they managed to give more! Big pat on the shoulder to them.

For next year's team, if I may give a suggestion - ensure more marshals to be placed at junctions (2015's team was good at this).

Quite a number of cars honked at runners and three cars made u-turns at the finish line area while runners were surging to finish. Not exactly a safe situation. 


  1. We have a Hair for Hope over here...

  2. Good blessings to you for doing this charity.
    I must follow your hubby's style to give motivation, when my wife runs.

    1. Hope to see both Letchumi and you at a race someday. :)


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