Saturday, 17 September 2016

Malaysia Day Family Outing

The family joined a running event on Malaysia Day and completed a 3K run as a team (race recap here).

After the run, with the earlier downpour stopping and the weather nice and cooling; we decided to enjoy some time outdoors instead of heading straight home.

First order of business - head to Lake Garden which is just next to Padang Merbok where the race venue was located.
I wanted to get a bit more running mileage and the boys also wanted to walk around so we decided to have our breakfast first at the Lake Garden Kafeteria located near the playground area.
Nasi berlauk for us. Fish for mommy and Daddy & Son had chicken. Nyums!
We later walked around the Lake Garden.

Hey! Look at that! Autumn colours has arrived in Malaysia. Hehehe
And the boys even managed to drop by Dataran Merdeka.
A walk back to Lake Garden and it was time for lunch.
Laksa for Mommy and the boys had Nasi Ambeng. 

The boys had their walkabout (and catch some Pokemons) and Mommy managed a 10K session for the day. Plus we had a nice breakfast and dinner too.


  1. That was a very nice family outing incorporating running, walking, catch Pokemon and makan-makan :)

  2. Wow! What a great day spent.

    Beautiful autumn leaves. ^^

  3. I did some walking too yesterday, hehe...



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