Wednesday, 28 September 2016

The Cherating Holiday Makan-Makan

Our 3D2N holiday gastronomy adventure started early, at lunch time and in Bangsar. We had lunch at Anuar Kari Kepala Ikan located behind TMC supermarket in Bangsar.
No Kari Kepala Ikan this time but our fried chicken and sotong goreng were equally good and satisfying too!
We arrived Cherating at around 4pm and spent the evening taking a dip in the sea and a stroll along the beach.
We later decided to have dinner at a beach-side restaurant sandwiched between Holiday Villa and Legend Hotel.

Nothing too fancy. I had the Daging Masak Merah Fried Rice and Hubby & Son had Nasi Goreng Pattaya and also Tomyam.
Nothing too shout about but not too bad either.  
Breakfast was at the hotel as our room came with breakfast.
Simple, standard buffet fare though Hubby was wishing they served Nasi Dagang too.
But of course nice la eating breakfast while enjoying the sea view.
For lunch, we decided to head out and took a drive in to Terengganu and visited Chukai Town. We were looking for Satar to buy as snack as we wanted to have a picnic at the nearby Pantai Geliga (or Pantai Teluk Mak Nik).
It was hard to decide where and what stall to buy so in the end we stopped at this shop located right at the junction where we turn into Pantai Geliga.
There are two branches of Warung Aziz Satar that we saw. Another one was bigger but we opted not to stop there for lunch.
Satar in hand, off we went to Pantai Geliga. 
After spending about an hour there, we kinda got hungry again so we decided on our return to stop by the same Warung Aziz Satar for lunch.

I was hankering for ICT (Ikan Celup Tepung) and they had it. Yeay!
 Ikan Celup Tepung with sauce.
And Sotong Celup Tepung.

Both were so GOOD.
We also enjoyed Satar. Nice grilled fish meaty goodness with a zing coming from cili padi that is included. This one is a must eat when visiting Terengganu.
And Otak-Otak.
 While waiting for our main dish which was Laksa! Terengganu style laksa.
Our makan-makan won't be complete with Keropok Lekor and Warung Aziz Satar had staff making them fresh right at the stall.
We bought some to enjoy later during tea-time.
Hubby told me that he didn't plan to go to Hai Peng Kopitiam as we'd have to travel to Kemaman but as luck would have it, there's a branch called Sukiyang Coffee by Hai Peng in Chukai, right beside Maybank.
 I had the toasted bun with kaya and Vietnamese Coffee which I shared with my Son.
Hubby who had earlier said that he didn't want to eat a heavy dinner chose this Lala Rice dish. I forgot what it's called lah but quite sedap.
Hubby got his wish of a Nasi Dagang breakfast the next morning as that was served at the hotel buffet. And it was quite nice too. 
 Lunch on our last day was at Temerloh R&R and what else to eat? Patin Tempoyak, of course!


  1. Your family posts are always very warm and happy ones! The smiles and good food, can put away all the stress and problems of life. I am dying to try this laksa and also tempoyak. My wife prefers all Malay Laksa and not our Chinese Assam Laksa. LOL

  2. I want the fried fish and sotong. I can have them anytime.

    Cherating. Would love to visit it some day.

    1. Cherating is very nice. And while we were there, we can visit Terengganu also so it's nice to travel up sometimes. ^^

  3. Satar is da bomb. I love it a lot!

  4. It's always good to have a break & recharge. Nice family vacation! xoxo

  5. If i see otak, i will sure buy and eat, hehe...

  6. First time I seen satar. I always thought Terengganu = otak2 and lekor only...

    1. Satar is what you should look in Terengganu! :)



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