Tuesday, 4 October 2016

N8 Endurance Drink Mix - A Review

This is a long delayed review post about a sports drink that I've recently (make it two months recent hahaha) tried.
EGONutritions had asked me to try and give feedback on their product - the N8 Endurance Drink Mix and I promised that I'd give them a try after SCKLM 2016. I was on a PB mission (ahaks) for SCKLM 2016 so I didn't want to take any chances with anything new for the run. In a hindsight, maybe I should have. Why? Read on lah...
A week before SCKLM 2016, we dropped by EGONutritions outlet located on the 2nd floor of The Curve. It's opposite Metrojaya, if you're looking for it. Don't worry, you won't miss the sign.
Got my box of N8 Endurance drink which contains 20 sachets and it retails for about RM106.00. That's about RM5.30 per sachet.
Mixing is easy. Ignore the Peel Fresh pack in the background. Haha
It's blackcurrant flavour and it's not sweet. I usually mix mine in about 300ml.

For me, I usually just mix it with a bottle of mineral water for ease. Ease to mix. Ease to chuck the bottle if I don't want to carry an empty bottle during my long runs.

It is recommended to mix one sachet with 250ml of water 30 minutes before an activity and maybe another sachet to sip throughout the workout. For cramp management, it is recommended to take a  sachet (with 250ml of water) before bed.

My own experience of taking one before bed:
I was too hyper to get a proper sleep so no N8 drink before bed for me!
And I can't take them if I have no intention to do any hard workout.

The first couple of times I tried it was a few days after SCKLM 2016. I found that I was still feeling energetic after a 5miles tempo run without a single drink break.

But those couple of times, I didn't actually consume the whole bottle during the same workout. I'm not sure whether the effects will deteriorate if we mix early (say a few days early) and keep it in the fridge but that's what I did.

And it was with a "leftover" from a 5-miler on Saturday, of about 50ml that I brought along and drank a few minutes before I ran in the Jog For Hope which was a 10K race a week after SCKLM 2016.
I was feeling good (although I admit I got lazy and walked a few bukits) all throughout the run and I didn't even need to stop for a drink at the water stations!
Another race that I took N8 Endurance Drink was at CICM Responsible Care Run 2016, held on the last Sunday of August.

I was not really feeling well during the race so I avoided taking any gel for fear of throwing up. But I had with me, a bottle of N8 Endurance Drink mixed with water and what I did was I took a sip every now and then.

No gel, just N8 drink and a few cups of water and I was glad I finished my half marathon pretty okay that day. AND I didn't even finish my N8 drink mix. I still had about a half bottle left, which I finished off after my run.
I am quite frugal in my usage I guess and I only drank them for long runs or sips of it before a hard workout. A 300ml (250ml water mix is a tad too salty for me so I dilute it a bit) can last a few workouts for me.
click on image for bigger photo and list of ingredients
The product promises to:
  • provide energy
  • increase mental focus
  • increase stamina
  • feel fuller longer
  • increase recovery
  • rehydrate faster

There is one thing I like about this drink mix - yes, it does makes me feel full longer. For a gastric prone runner like me, there is nothing worse than to suddenly have a gastric attack mid-run when the tummy is empty.

I am rather reluctant at starting a run (or a workout) late mornings if I haven't had my breakfast yet, but I've tried drinking just the N8 drink and I could manage a 40min - 1 hour run no problem with no other hydration in between.

I'll be taking a bottle out again for my next half-marathon and then when I start my FM training next month so I'll be seeing an increase usage, I guess.

So far, for me personally; taking a N8 Endurance Mix is an economical choice for me. A bottle of the drink mix can last a half-marathon no problem with no other need for gel for me. A drinking is easy to do too. ^^

I have to admit I can't talk about the ingredients and nutritional value and all that but I know this is one product that work for me.

Thank you EGONutritions for the pack. I am certainly one of your return customer.


  1. Lol....must remember not to take any before sleep then.

    1. I don't la...

      It's same thing as isotonic. Why need to drink before sleep. Lol

  2. If it works for you then go for it!

  3. I have also learnt my lessons many times not to take all my different supplements before sleep. My eyes stared at the ceiling calling my nenek moyang until sunrise!! Lol

    Hey, I read with interests about this N8 Endurance which should be good for my wife. She always went hiking and tai chi early in the morning on empty stomach except plain water only. Might as well she drinks N8!!!!!

  4. Seems like a great drink! Can tahan lapar somemore!

    1. Not totally tahan lapar la, hahaha.
      So cannot treat as meal replacement but it's good for endurance athletes while on training or races. ;)



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