Reasons Why You Should Run With Nature in Jitra, Kedah This Coming November

1. One of the best running events in Asia this year.

Arguably the best, in its own league, BDB Marathon Jitra will feature a breathtaking running route along the paddy fields in Jitra, Kedah.

2. You've explored most of the running routes in the city centre. This time, run with nature.

It is good to take a break from the view of the skyscrapers and busy streets to picturesque Jitra Kedah.

3. It's a weekend getaway.

Mark your date 12 November 2016. Bring your friends and family. After the marathon, you can run after laksa sekoq, pulut kahwin or ikan bakaq.

4. Flight tickets are on sale (from RM60 only+).

Hint hint. Fireflyz, Malaysia Airlines, Airasia, Malindo Air.

5. Run and Go Makan

Enjoy local fare after hitting the road running in Jitra Marathon. The day is still early!

6. A chance to do the crazy and run back-to-back in a few states

There are a few races going on that weekend, and some runner might be crazy enough to do just that! Maybe Jitra - Putrajaya - Kuala Kangsar?
OK, this 6th suggestion is Lina's own and probably not recommended by the race organiser. Hah hah

For registration and race details, head over to their registration page. Registration closes on Oct 25th, 2016 or upon reaching 7,000 participants.

Good luck and have fun there, to all those who had registered!

Stay tune for more updates after the BDB Marathon Jitra press conference later this week, brought to us by Bina Darulaman Berhad and Kedah Tourism in conjunction with Discover Kedah 2016.


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