Friday, 9 June 2017

Affordable Ramadan Buffet Part II - MAEPS Bistro

The thing about buka puasa/Ramadan buffet is not really for the fact that I can gorge myself silly there but rather, it is a convenient option especially when going out with a big group.

I still balk about having paying through the nose at exorbitant rates charged by hotels and certain restaurants but thank goodness there are still affordable and more reasonable (masuk akal) prices and option out there.

Last week we tried Safaa Restaurant buffet which offers Arabic cuisine.

This week, we went to MAEPS Bistro for a steamboat/grill fare with Ten Senses/Running Project people.
There were about 17 of us so this was a good deal and option.

MAEPS Bistro has a huge space and as we were there during a weekday, it wasn't really a full house but the crowd was still respectable.

There were rice/noodle section with traditional lauk pauk, desserts station, kids' station (serving spaghetti, nuggets, sausages and fries), nasi ayam station, of course there were the steamboat/grill stations (I wish there were marinated meat served for grilling instead of just plain option), roti canai and most important (for us) - kambing golek.
Food was decent enough and were refilled quite quickly and efficiently.

Grilling wise was a tad no fun (sebab daging plain takde rasa. Hahaha).

Surau and toilet were very near.

There were entertainment and diners could enjoy a spot of karaoke too.
Nothing wasted for us!

All in all, a good value for RM45.90 per pax.

Good ambiance and quite relaxing.

Truthfully, we arrived at MAEPS Bistro an hour before buka puasa and we almost wished we had our running gear along so we could run a bit around MAEPS!

Though Hubby and I did grouch about the fruit selection a bit. This being in MAEPS, fruits served at the buffet should be more and of many variety lah! Nangka ke, at the very least. Hehehe

Anyways, thank you for the tukang belanja for a good buka puasa outing. 

We'll be heading to another affordable buffet this Sunday. Where? Stay tuned!


  1. Yum! What a fantastic spread for such reasonable prices. The prices at the hotels are gila!

  2. This MAEPS Bistro deal is really very good.

    Nearby my home, the hotel is charging RM148.00++ and full house everyday before 6.30pm!!!

    1. Everyone got towkay like Anay to pay. Muahaha!!!



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