Thursday, 1 June 2017


So yes, I ran 42K or full marathon at Standard Chartered KL Marathon (SCKLM). Despite a rather unfortunate day for me, in terms of my timing; I was glad I ran in it. Horrible timing and all...
Was great to bump into friends along the route. Chit-chatted. Grumbled. Whined. Laughed. And somehow finished our run.
 And then bumping into them again, after the race.
Was also great to friends who couldn't join the run but still came to support runners, crutches and all!

The last 500m at SCKLM is always exhilarating and emotional. You see friends lining up the road cheering for runners and you can't help but surged forward.

I was also grateful to be recommended by a fellow blogger and writer to write in NST about my experience. Thank you Becky!

As a treat for ourselves; me for running a full marathon and Hubby for doing the half marathon; we decided to go out to makan at the nearby Le Gardenz Cafe in Balakong (the one we went to for Mother's Day).

No photos as I was busy writing my NST article while waiting for dinner, tapping away using my handphone. Hahaha
It sure was nice to enjoy breakfast on Tuesday morning, 2 days after my marathon and seeing my article published. ^^
And on Wednesday, we arranged to meet two running buddies (one ran full marathon while the other supported us and waited for us at KM32).

It was Nasi Briyani Ayam Madu treat at Mahbub Bangsar, no less!
The friend also signed my copy of Perang Melawan Mitos, a book debunking medical myths written by several doctors.

Thank you doc!


  1. Congrats for completing the 42K run and the NST article! Wah, nice makan...

  2. Well done! So long as you had loads of fun and lots of friends, the timing is not important. I am amazed that you could easily type the article with your phone!!

    Congratulations again for everything.

  3. Congrats on your milestone, Lina! Keep up the good work! xoxo



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