Wednesday, 13 January 2010

A New Style And He Hates It!

Got myself a new haircut for the new year. I had to change my stylist and went to Raymond Choon at Gardens Mall instead of my usual at Jantzen in Midvalley because my stylist had resigned and Zaini conveniently misplaced the card she gave to him. Zaini knew that she was resigning but didn't even think it was important to inform me despite knowing that I was due for haircut!

I got a shorter bob this time, but I think it was cut too short and I'm afraid both Zaini and Raimie  hated this cut. Well, this was the first time I had a haircut at Raymond Choon and although the cut is a bit "iffy" for Zaini's liking (I'm neutral about my hair. After all, it can always grow back and I have no particular attachment towards my hair. It can be green if I can get away with it!) I like the service there. The shampoo boy was cute and so was the stylist. Very easy on the eyes. LOL And thumbs up for the really premium service.

Do you know why Zaini hates this style? He said I look like this Korean comedian; Kim Shin Young. Well, I love her. She's very funny, cute and entertaining.

Do you find us similar? :D


  1. hmmm, i don't see any problem with your new hairstyle, maybe it's my first time seeing you :p but you are certainly a lot better than the comedian!! :)

  2. guys normally prefer girls with long hair.

    get the same spectacle, u may look alike hehe

  3. @SK,
    ahahaha... thanks. ;)

    I suspect Zaini felt the same way. Put a different spec, then definitely look like Kim Shin Youn at her most goofy! :D

  4. You're cuter & prettier than this Korean comedian for sure! Seriously, I think u look fresh. It's easier to manage your hair now, isn't it?

  5. @Dora,
    truthfully, this hair involves blow-drying each morning to make it nice and round. LOL
    Long straight hair is easier to manage for me, actually. Bu the things I do for vanity. Hehehe

  6. Not really. You have the same hair style but different face shapes. You're prettier.;)

  7. Lina, I haven't seen you with your former hairstyle but you do look great in this new one. Neat and chic! I like..

  8. ayyooo veri the comeyyyy... i like !!

  9. @dot,
    cut jauh beza dgn time masa kat AIM dulu ek? :D
    Zaini menci giler rambut aku pendek, tapi nak wat camne. Bini degil nak mampos! hahah

  10. i think u look great with the new haircut. u dont look like the other lady. u r much prettier

  11. @bengbeng,
    why, thank you. *blush blush*
    Actually the lady there, is quite cute, if not for the wacky pose. :)

  12. Oh a new style, cute! I cut my hair short too after new year. I like short hair coz it's easier to handle.

  13. Well, no I don't find you similar to the comedian at all. You have a very sweet smile and I like your haircut. It's cute and frames your face perfectly. Plus shorter hair is so much easier to take care of. I like it.

  14. LOL.. That's a funny comparison. Hey, I think you look cute with this haircut. I was just thinking to get a haircut myself. I'm just so bored with long hair. I've had long hair since I was 13. I need something short now. Feels like my head weighs a ton! :P

  15. @Evan's Mom,
    I cut my hair short after I gave birth. Easy to maintain + my head feels lighter too. :)

    You like my new hairstyle? Thanks. :)

  16. @Poetic Shutterbug,
    Thanks. :)

    So, will get a short cut soon? :)

  17. hahaha another cute boy? ahem....

    looks ok, cool bob!



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