Online Shopping Spree - With Nashata & 11Street

I attended 11Street Malaysia 2017 Online Shopping Market Outlook presentation last week and had the opportunity to learn about the results of 11Street nationwide market survey with 3,500 correspondents and learn about the Top Malaysian E-commerce Trends for 2017.
At 11street event, ready to dive in and learn about the E-commerce Market Maturity as well as to gain some understanding on the Malaysia Consumers’ Evolving Shopping Preference & Patterns. Fuh~
11street Malaysia's CEO, Mr Hoseok Kim presenting the results of the market survey.

Interesting stuff to learn.

I decided to try shopping at 11street and bought two stuff from the millions products available at their website.
 Of all things, I bought an oven! Hahaha

I ordered it on Thursday night and received it on Tuesday morning.
And I also suka-suka bought a mouse that's on offer (it was RM12.90) with free shipping so order lah. Wait for me to actually buy and replace son's faulty mouse, I think we'd have to wait another year for it! LOL

So far, it's been a hoot shopping at 11street. No, I haven't bought anything Korean yet but who knows? Hehehe

More info on the results of the market survey and the trends for 2017 can be read at 11street's blog:

I also bought a gym bag (finally) from
Pro-fitMom bag which I got during promo for only RM39.00. It's currently being sold at RM59.00 so if you have the intention to buy, better hurry before it's back to its original price.

The RRP is RM79.00 so I got it cheap. YES!

I like the fact that it's  compact and not bulky. Look stylish too.
I've even used it when I attended a few press conference, apart from using it to store my sweaty running clothes and stinky shoes! LOL

I wonder what I'll order online next? ^^


  1. Wow, what a shopping spree! Happy hoidays, Lina! xoxo

    1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and family, Shirley! :)

    2. Merry Christmas lina

    3. Merry Christmas to you too.

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family... :)

    1. Thanks (though i don't celebrate it) :)

  3. Another new online shopping. Nice gym bag.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and family!!

  4. online lagi...this online shopping is addictive lah. After I tekan2 Lazada, I tekan some more. hah..hah..hah....

    1. Right?

      Very dangerous to go visit. Lol

  5. Nowadays got a lot of online shopping platforms kan? This 11th street I heard a lot, but haven't buy anything from it yet.


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