The Last Minute Redemption

I finally got my butt out to go "shopping" today.
Shopping that cost no money, that is. Hahaha
Where, first.
To Key Power Sports at Gardens Mall.
Because tomorrow is the last day of redemption and I needed to redeem something, after months of procrastination.
Thanks to SCKLM 2016 Media Challenge, which I was the winner for the Half-Marathon Female Veteran category; I am now a proud owner of a pair of very "atas" 2XU compression socks. Hahaha

SCKLM 2016 was held on Aug 7th, 2016.
SCKLM 2017 will be held in the first half of 2017, just like it used to be a few years ago before haze wreak havoc and cause lotsa postponement and race cancelllations; on May 21st 2017.

Details of SCKLM 2017 is available at:

See you at SCKLM 2017. I'll be running in the full marathon category next year! ^^


  1. Wah! Lucky lady, you managed to to redeem your 'atas' socks item to wear at bawah kaki. I think the Indons behaved this year as the haze was quite minimal or was it the wind that helped to blow the haze away?

    Anay & Letchumy wish you and family a Happy & Running Year 2017!

  2. Good lah, if not, rugi you know... Anyways, wishing you and family a very Happy New Year 2017!

  3. Wah, nice!
    Happy new year to you and family ya!


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