Goosini! Goosana! Let's Win With #GooseySelfie Contest By MyTOWN

Who has been to IKEA Cheras? Raise your hand?

Me! Me! Me! And I want to go againnnnn...
Do you know that there will be a new shopping centre opening soon, which is anchored by the largest IKEA in Malaysia?

MyTown Shopping Centre is located right next to IKEA Cheras and is expected to open next year, in early 2017. Can't wait! The huge shopping centre which is opening soon is very near to my house so quite easy to go there.

With 5 levels of shopping galore, on top of IKEA; we will sure have a complete shopping experience at MyTOWN once it's open, right? *rubs hand gleefully* *caress credit card nervously* hahaha
Anyways, MyTOWN is currently holding a #GooseySelfie contest with more than RM10,000 worth of prizes to be won! Lagi cool!

How to enter, you ask?
Easy. Just follow these 5 easy steps when you visit the website, and click JOIN NOW:
  • Step 1 - Login to Facebook
  • Step 2 - Tell #GooseySelfie what we are
  • Step 3 - Upload our selfie
  • Step 4 -  Goosify ourselfie
  • Step 5 - Share it!
Good luck! We might stand a chance to win something different every week!

I've goosified myself for the #GooseySelfie contest.
And I'm with the Gooseeta Sarawak & MyTOWN Goose Squad.

Jom la. Let's have fun being totally goosey with #GooseySelfie (I know you all like to selfie, anyway) and try win some cool prizes!

Remember, got RM10,000 worth of prizes to be won!



  1. This post excites me! When there is a new mall, you will see me there! Just like Starlings, belum buka, I dah masuk & kena halau pula. LOLOL


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