Having Fun Crewing At PokeHunt Run

Sometimes, once in a awhile, it's nice to be on the other side of a running event. Not as a runner but as part of the event's crew/volunteer.

Hubby and I had done quite a fair bit of volunteering at races this year; from fun runs to ultra runs and PokeHunt Run is the final one for us in 2016. We already have another race we'll be volunteering at, in January. ^^
It was just a simple run. A fun run so everyone who participated were out to have fun and they were a really nice bunch of participants.

We had volunteered a few times for events held by Bubbly Media which is the organiser of PokeHunt Run and it's always a good experience.

The run was held at Metropolitan Park, Kepong on Dec 18th, 2016. The run started at 7.45am but of course we reported to duty much earlier, at 6.30am.
Both of us were stationed mid-route at this "refill" station.

Participants were given a water gun to hunt down "pokemon" during the run.
Turned out that the Pokemons they are hunting and shooting were fellow participants!

Most had a blast shooting around. Kids and adults alike were happily shooting (with coloured water) and getting all wet! Even us crews were not spared from getting shot! LOL
We packed up after checking to see whether all participants had gone through our station and returned to the Start/Finish line.

Quite a number of participants were still around and playing water. And not only the kids, ya!

Really nice to see lah families happily enjoying the day out at PokeHunt Run (although no actual Pokemon were to be seen).


  1. It's true lah, once in a while it is nice to be on the other side of the fence :)

    1. And it's good to gain experience too. :)

    2. Good thing I changed the channel on the TV after The Wiggles finished their appearance in Carols in the Domain with Here Come the Reindeer

  2. When's the next PokeHunt Run?

  3. How fun, Lina! At first glance, I thought it was a Pokemon Run. Hahaha! Have a wonderful week, dear! xoxo

  4. wah lau eh...sure the participant syok giler LOL


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