Keeping Fit In The City

Thanks to Fitness First Malaysia, I did something different today. Instead of joining and running in a race, I experienced my first obstacle challenge event; with Fit In The City 2017.

Fit In The City 2017 is the ultimate fitness workout experience hosted by Fitness First Malaysia and Celebrity Fitness. It is also the very first time these two iconic fitness brands came together to produce an all-day fitness event for participants.

The event was held throughout the day on Saturday, Nov 4th 2017; from 7.00am to 10.30pm. Of course for participants, we needn't be there for the whole duration. We could "pace" ourselves and join whatever we're interested in but some sessions were fully booked early on as the sessions had limited slots available.

I didn't stay long as I only went there to try the obstacle challenge course. There were 11 obstacle challenges for participants to tackle. I was allocated the 10.00am slot which was a nice timing for me, as I didn't need to rush over early in the morning to join the event.

First, I went to the media counter and register myself. That was a breeze. Thank you!

Got my goodies bag, t-shirt and most importantly, the tag that allowed me to enter and join the obstacle challenge course.
Then, with a small group that started at 10.00am, it's warm up time first before everyone line up to tackle the course.
First obstacle. Very "Ninja Warrior" one. Look easy but it's not.
Second obstacle. On all fours - but upside down and hanging.
Third obstacle. Flip those tyres!
Fourth obstacle.  We needed to make our way through under those barbed wires. No mud to tackle in this Fit In The City obstacle course!
The fifth obstacle is another challenge that needed arm strength.
Sixth obstacle and we jumped up past these poles.
Then we were back to hanging around here at the seventh obstacle.
Eighth obstacle was going through these tyres.
 Ninth obstacle and we had to move by hanging and pushing ourselves forward on these ropes.
Tenth obstacle was about balance. Be careful! It look easy but the guy in front of me fell down with a loud thud! Lucky  he was OK.

For the last obstacle, we were told to inch-worm (or crawl or something - it's moving on all fours lah) towards the finish line.
And we made it!

We were served with coconut water, Calpis and also mineral water afterwards.
It's something different for me to experience and I was glad I went.

As I mentioned earlier, this was a full day event with lots of group classes too, but I didn't join any. Hahaha


  1. Wow! This is so tough. I have tried lifting the big tyre before and my tongue dropped out.

    1. OK la. It wasn't so bad.
      Much easier than Viper Challenge or Spartan, I think. 😅


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