Brunch At Benji's, Bangsar Village

It was Sunday.

I was supposed (and had been looking forward) to join the RBC Race For The Kids which was held at Lake Garden but unfortunately that didn't happen. I had asked the PR person for the event to allow me to collect my race kit on race day itself but when I went there, there was nothing for me. I can't join an event without a bib (and I won't get any entitlement without it; whether it's drinks along the race course or finisher goodies) so I decided to go take photos of runners joining Allianz Pacer Run which was held on the same morning.

There are a number of friends who ran in Allianz Pacer Run so I thought I might as well try and take their photos. They happy. Me happy also.

Both Hubby and Son tagged along this time so I felt kinda guilty for dragging them to go to an event where neither of us will be running.

So to "bodek" them, I belanja them brunch at Benji's. Well, I wanted to eat there also lah. LOL
We all ordered the Benji's Big Breakfast. For RM38, it may seem steep but it comes with a choice of coffee or tea so OK la...

Still "atas" but once in a while eat "atas" food is okay, right?

Both Hubby and I chose poached eggs on our multi-grain toast.
 Son's Big Breakfast was served with scrambled eggs and had latte, same as his Dad.

These are sure BIG Breakfast.

We were full until evening!
 Mommy had her cappuccino.
A very nice meal at Benji's and made more so by the friendly and attentive staff there. *thumbs up* on service.

Oh yeah, photos taken at Allianz Pacer Run can be viewed at Cik Arnab & En Kura-Kura FB page. Do LIKE and FOLLOW us for more race updates and photos. Results link is also available there. 


  1. I have heard good reviews again of this "atas" venue and should visit someday. The big breakfast is so big and I would share with wifey but your boy whalloped all by himself! He will be very big, tall and handsome soon.

    1. Thank you Anay.
      I hope he will continue to love us both when he grows to be adult. :)

    2. Trust me, his heart will never change and love you guys forever. I still love both my parents and feel grateful even they are both gone now.

  2. Looks nice leh the Big Breakfast. I also like. Had one today that was really huge LOL!


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