Getting To Know A Powerman - Azril Isha

This is the second part interview with two Powerman 2018 contenders who will be competing in Powerman Malaysia Asian Duathlon Championship which will be held on March 2 - 4, 2018 in  Putrajaya.
Tell us about yourself.
My name is Azril Isha Abdul Malek, usually known as Azril Or Rel. A lifetime husband and dad.

Have you participated in previous edition of Powerman before?
I participated in 2 Powerman:
2016 - Classic Distance
2017 - Relay Challenge (Team Lemak Manis)
I know you are a runner too but which came first? Running or cycling? Why do you make the decision to do multi-sports races?
My journey started in mid 2012 with running, triggered by my determination to lose weight. It didn't stop there and to my surprise, the distance grew alongside my love towards running. From 10km to HM and eventually FM.

In late 2013, peer pressure put my legs on pedals and I started to love this new hobby of mine. I became a multi-sportsman when I first joined PD Duathlon in 2014.

How do you juggle between working full time, family & social life and training?
Adequate time management, supported by a very understanding family.

Can you share with us in your training program for a duathlon? What is your most important training session to prepare for a duathlon event? Do you have a coach?
I am not a podium contender hence my training regime is very simple.

On weekdays, I will do quick 30-minute run and 1-hour ride on trainer.

On weekends, I will do brick training with friends. They are my coach and we support each other. #ukkhuwahituindah
What is your constant motivation to keep you focused on your training?
Being in a group and training together. We share the same objective and it is to perform the best of our abilities.

Next of course is food, hahaha. Because I can indulge myself with food after training. #makankenatop

Do you have a special diet during your training cycle to prepare for a particular event?
No special diet, just eat! They will turn into calories regardless.
Azril with his teammates; Team Lemak Manis, Ejah & Lily
As you mentioned earlier, you’ve done both the individual and relay categories in Powerman. What do you feel is special in each of the two categories?
Individual category tested my own capabilities and endurance while relay is about my accountability to not bring the team down.
In what category will you sign up for, for Powerman 2018?
For Powerman 2018, I will sign up for Individual category of course. And it’s back to the Classic distance.

Why look for partners when I can do both discipline myself? Hahaha

Apart from Powerman 2018, what other duathlon/triathlon races will you join in the near future?
I am looking forward to participate in Silverman and Kerian Duathlon. I would love to register in any triathlon events too provided I can excel in swimming.

What is your advise for those planning to join a duathlon for the first time in Powerman 2018?
It takes courage to sign up, effort to train and determination to complete a Powerman or any duathlon for that matter. Just be focused during training and enjoy the race.

The world’s largest duathlon in the Powerman series, returns to Dataran Putrajaya, Malaysia on 4 March 2018 with 4,000 global athletes expected to compete for the prestigious Asia Championship title. E-Plus Global Sdn Bhd, the promoter and organiser of the race, said that this would be the largest and most competitive duathlon race in Malaysia, the region and the world.

Powerman, the pinnacle of duathlon competition globally, is the platform for ardent runners and cyclists to master both disciplines. The run-bike-run race format held in Putrajaya last March broke its own Malaysia Book of Records figure with over 3,500 participants registered and competed in the race.

“Duathletes in Malaysia and the Asia region is growing significantly. This is evident with the increasing number of multi-sport athletes, especially runners and cyclists who come out to compete at the Powerman Asia Duathlon Championships – Malaysia. We will continue our efforts to provide a quality platform for participants to compete, and ultimately grow the running and cycling industry in across the region,” said Andrew Ching, Chief Executive Officer of E-Plus Global Sdn Bhd.

The Powerman Asia Duathlon Championships – Malaysia comprises of four categories – Individual Classic and Team Relay Classic (10km – 60km – 10km), and the Individual Short and Team Relay Short (5km – 30km – 5km) and will be held on Sunday, 4 March 2018.

Andrew added that the Asia Championship also promotes duathlon at the grassroots level. “PowerKIDS is a programme catered for children between the age of 5 and 12. We believe that by building their foundation in these two disciplines, we will be developing a stronger multi-sport community in the long run.”

PowerKIDS will be categorized into three aged groups – 5 to 7 years old (0.4km – 1km – 0.4km), 8 to 10 years old (0.8km – 2km – 0.8km), and 11 to 12 years old (1.2km – 3 km – 1.2km) and will be held on Saturday, 3 March 2018.

Interested participants can register at

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  1. Hello Azril Isha! Good story and all Powerman has no special diet. Just eat lah & be happy.

    I met 3 Ironman friends and they also eat like lembu kerbau.

    1. So your friends will be going to Langkawi this week for IMMY or not?

      Good luck to them!

  2. PowerKIDS...hmmm.... interesting....

    True what he said. Enjoy the race.

  3. I'm in love with your post, babe! xoxo

    1. Thanks Shirley 😍😍😍

  4. I will join powerman for the first time after reading your post


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