Discounted Meal At Wild Rice Restaurant, Boulevard Hotel

I've been a holder of this particular hotel privilege card for ages which entitles me for discounted meal and room stay at certain hotels but dunno why, even with some of the hotels only at a walking distance from my office; I've never used them.

Until last week lah.

My colleagues and I went for lunch at Wild Rice Restaurant at St Giles Hotel - Boulevard. 

And these are lunch for two. We decided to share everything we ordered so we got to taste each of the dishes prepared. And best of all, all of it was at 50% discount!
 First we ordered the Nasi Goreng Kampung with the nasi goreng wrapped in banana rice.
 The Nasi Goreng Kampung after the "unveiling". Hahaha
 Popcorn chicken was served next and with wasabi sabayon.
Our sirloin steak came a bit later and although it was a tad salty for my taste, the meat was really tender so it was good. 
 With a cup of cappuccino. Bliss.
For desserts, we had tiramisu. 
An impressive display of assorted fruits. We had hoped that it would be served before the main meal but of course, they served it last. Haha

With 50% discount, our lunch here was no more expensive than going to Old Town Coffee. Hehehe

It was a nice change also lah for me.

Maybe I can "belanja" my family here someday, eh? ^^


  1. I see till meleleh air liur now. Yummy la

  2. Nice to enjoy the discount to pamper ourselves.

    Love the way they wrap the fried rice in banana leaf.

    1. Their food presentation is very nice. Hotel, mah. :P

  3. Looks so good! If I got discount card like that, I will go more often hee...hee...

    1. Hahaha

      Ya, I wonder why I didn't go there more often. Hehe

  4. The food looked delicious and the fruit platter was really impressive & creative! Makes our appetite growl louder.


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