Why They Run The Twincity

A few days ago, we asked Cik Arnab & En Kura-Kura followers who had joined the Twincity Marathon edition since its debut in 2014 some questions on why they return to Twincity Marathon and why they will be running in it again in 2018.

And how nice it is to have a couple who's been running together, especially with their trademark tutu if they join a full marathon to spend time answering my questions.
Let's read on what they have to say.

How long have you been running and how long have you been actively participating in races (in and out of Malaysia)?
I've been actively participating in races for 4 years by now (since 2014).
12km in 2014 (one of my furthest distance during that time), 21km in 2016 and finally the Full Marathon 42km plunge this year 2017, with a sweet PB finish.

7 years

You have been a loyal participant in the Twincity Marathon (TCM) since its debut in 2014. What are the categories you’ve entered in 2014, 2016 and 2017?
It used to be a target of increasing my distance. But since I have completed the max distance for now, what's next is more towards enjoying the progress and feeling the experience.


Do you see yourself participating in TCM as a progress (i.e. increase in distance or breaking your timing) or you prefer to stay in the same category?
Hitting my Personal Best/PB for Full Marathon , a sweet sub-5 finish.

For me, increase in distance.

What is the best memory you had for TCM?
Munching more food (for the record, I missed Nasi Lemak Anak Dara and the coffee stop at KM30 this year), enjoying the route, encouraging more people. It's more of the experience really.

Nasi Lemak at km30!!

What are the reasons for you to return to TCM 2018?
Also because of nasi lemak.

What do you hope to see improve in the 2018 edition?
More Milo trucks, and please let them to stay longer this time!

Please provide more milo vans at the Finish Line.

Have you registered to Twincity Marathon 2018 and in what category will you be running in?
Yes I have registered under FM again.

Yes and FM category.

Lastly, do you have a target for next year’s race?
No target or further PB needed because I wanted to take it easy, enjoy my run and finish strong.

Nope. Just enjoy the nasi lemak.

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For those who had registered earlier, fret not. You didn't miss out on the RM5.00 discount as the system is able to capture our past record and automatically deduct the RM5.00 off our registration fee.

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  1. This cute couple is so fun and hilarious with a real Anak Malaysia hearts, yearning for Nasi Lemak & Milo Ais. I like too.

    1. They are so cute, right?
      And so hardcore too!
      They did a back-to-back half marathons recently. Run 21km onn Saturday night then another 21km on Sunday morning!


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