Zoo Negara Fun Run

On the last Sunday of 2018, both Hubby and I joined the Zoo Negara Fun Run which was held in conjunction of Zoo Negara's 55th anniversary.

It was indeed a novelty race because when else could we enter the zoo early in the morning and beating the weekend crowd, get to run around the zoo, see the animals and also get a medal for our effort? Hehehe
The Zoo Negara Fun Run saw a tremendous response with about 1,400 participants joining. The registration was only open less than a month before the event day and it surpassed its initial target of 1,000 participants easily!
For our RM60 run registration fee, apart from our usual race kits items and medal, the fee also included the entrance ticket to the zoo and the Giant Panda Conservation Centre.

We did two loops around the zoo, got our medal and refreshments then Hubby and I decided to walk around the zoo and visit all the animals and really took our time to enjoy ourselves.
Even during the first loop, many participants had taken time by stopping and taking photos of and with the animals.

I did too.
I especially enjoyed watching the tigers.
And of course, the lovable pandas.

It was indeed an enjoyable morning, and we would've stayed longer if we could but I had another appointment later that morning so we had to cabut at 10.00am.

Otherwise, I'd stay there until evening!

I think this is a great initiative by Zoo Negara to promote the zoo and also to encourage more visitors to come and visit, combining it with healthy activities such as running.

I do hope Zoo Negara can organise such runs again in the future and I bet more people would love to join!

Some photos taken during the run can be viewed at our Facebook page Cik Arnab & En Kura-Kura.

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  1. Good photo of the animals, especially the tiger! The animals must be wondering why are all these people running around here, running from what? tigers?

    1. hahaha
      the tigers were a no-show during our first loop. The crew said they must be scared of all the humans running around. LOL

  2. Very good response to the run. The last time I went to Zoo Negara was when I was a small kid!


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