Xmas Thai Food Treat At ParaThai MyTown

We visited MyTown Mall or rather, we actually went to IKEA as we wanted to check out a new sofa to replace our 16-year old IKEA sofa.

We arrived at 2pm and first order of business was to look for a place for lunch. The day being a public holiday, of course almost all food outlets were full.

We finally decided to try ParaThai and we just had to wait for a few minutes before a table was available. 
After we made our order, we were served this appetizer of guava mixed with asam boi and lime (I think).

It's quite nice and refreshing but do note that just because you didn't order it, it doesn't come free. It's RM3.50 per bowl. So decline if you don't want to be charged for something you don't plan on eating.

Same like the wet towel which were already placed on your table. It's 80 sen per wet towel. We didn't use any and informed the cashier to take it out from the bill upon payment.
We ordered papaya salad with crispy dried shrimps.

This one is a winner. It packed a punch and the serving was generous.

Definitely will cry because of its spiciness. Hehehe
Hubby ordered Thai green curry which I also nicked some from him.

Very rich and fragrant. This one's a thumbs up from us too.

Rice is RM3.50 (and I was asking Hubby, no refill kah? Hahaha... Well I get rice refill at Absolute Thai).
Son ordered the beef with basil leaves served with rice and sunny side up set.
I ordered the stir fried minced chicken with basil leaves served with rice and sunny side up.

Not as nice as our neighbourhood tomyam does it and not spicy at all despite all the chilis seen in it. And I seriously don't really like how the fried the eggs.

But still passable and much nicer than the one we ate at Mister Tuk-Tuk.

We decided to order just plain water (charged RM1.20 per glass) but we ordered a bowl of red ruby and shared it.
As we were eating the red ruby, we told Son about the nice desserts shop where we enjoyed A LOT of really good desserts when we visited Phuket in August.

I'm trying to find a good date to have a whole family vacation in Thailand but other than the Chinese New Year and Hari Raya weekend, it'll be hard to have a vacation with Son before his SPM later next year.

See how la. The flight tickets to Phuket during the Raya weekend is still not that expensive at the moment...

At least, it'll be like a mid-term break for him from studying for his SPM right?


  1. I am so surprised that your sofa lasted 16 years!!!!!!! Is there a typo error and should be 6 years? Last night I was telling my wife that I will buy new sofa set before CNY as our 2.5 years old sofa set has wobbly springs now. Besides getting few jabs, the spring made boing-boing noise too! LOLOL Muahahahahaha

    1. Nope, we bought it when we moved into our home and Son was just a baby that time. Hahaha

    2. Same here, I am ordering a new sofa and hope it can arrive before CNY.

      15 years in the same house, but this is the 3rd sofa already. 5 years one sofa, my sofa last longer than Anay one. Hehehehe! Must be because of Anay's big butt, kakakaka!

  2. A trip to Phuket sounds like a great idea for a break from all the studying for SPM! Hope it works out! :)

  3. The fried egg is too crispy. Hope you get to go for the vacation with your family.

    1. Kan.
      I like mine with runny yolk summore.

      I hope we get to go for our vacation too. 😀


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