Birthday Brunch At Croutons Cafe

We celebrated Son's 16th birthday on Sunday and had his uncles and aunts came for a birthday brunch at our favourite neighborhood cafe, Croutons. (You guys remembered we've visited this cafe several times before?)
The clan from the Hubby's side. ^^
Before the start of our meal - do'a first.

We made a reservation at 11am and pre-ordered what we wanted to eat the day before. Chef Shain had WhatsApped to me the menu and we also ordered a small cake to celebrate Son's birthday.

Some of us arrived early, but one thing nice about this cafe is, there are games available for diners to play with - chess, Uno Stacko, Connect 4, etc to spend time while waiting for our food/the rest of the party. The talking Optimus Prime and Storm-trooper helmets were a hit with our nephew and nieces too!

After a great brunch, we moved to the sofa area at the back for the highlight of our brunch.
Singing Happy Birthday to Son and enjoying the birthday cake!
Us, with the birthday boy.
The nice Chef Shain had even provided a birthday flare candles for Son's birthday cake.

It was a really nice brunch with the family and we hope Son didn't get too embarrassed about the celebration.

He is after all a teenage boy now. Hehehe 
Chef Shain and the birthday boy.

Yup, it was a thumbs up from us too.


  1. What a fabulous birthday party together with all Raimie's loved ones!
    He has grown up so handsomely. Any girlfriends now? (sorry anay manyak kaypoh)

    When it is his 21st birthday, it would be a big one from mummy & daddy.

    1. Hahaha
      Don't ask about girlfriends yet... Sensitive issue with Anak Bujang. LOL

  2. I reckon that must be your favorite cafe :) That was a very nice celebration with family and all that makan2. Whoa! I like that flare candle. Must get for my 55th birthday wahahaha!!

    1. It's a good place to chill and enjoy good food & nearby to our house. Hehe

  3. Happy Birthday to your son! What a warm celebration with family and relatives!


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