Dim Sum In Bangi

I wanted to eat dim sum but didn't want to travel far from our home. We had two choices - Dolly Dim Sum at IOI City Mall or Hotel Bangi-Putrajaya (which will be renamed Bangi Resorts Hotel from 01.01.19). 

Hubby asked me to check whether there's a good dim sum outlet at Mytown, and if there is, we can also make a stop at IKEA to check out on a new sofa. Didn't really fancy Mohd Chan Dim Sum so we finally decided to head to Hotel Bangi-Putrajaya. We had enjoyed pretty nice dim sums there so it's a really safe bet.

We arrived at 12pm and Restoran Harmoni was full. We didn't make any reservation prior, so the staff asked if we wanted to wait. We agreed and waited at the lobby as suggested. After an hour's wait, we noticed a few diners had walked out from the restaurant but no one called us even as we waited.

Hubby finally went to check and it seems the staff who had asked us to wait had forgotten to inform the other staff about us and nobody else knew we were waiting for a table. Haiz.

Fortunately, apart from that boo-boo (and a couple seated next to us who seemed to think that watching a program through their handphone with its speaker on was not rude and not annoying to other diners); our brunch was great.
Attentive staff, good selection of dim sums, all served steaming hot to our table and at RM65 nett per adult for their Sunday Dim Sum Brunch Buffet, it was quite a good deal.

Do note, Chinese tea is charged separately. So just drink the cold drinks served at the buffet line if don't want to be charged extra. Hehehe
Among the things we could order.
The first one that was served was the Mango and Shrimp Dumplings. So yummy!
Then these.
 And these.
And these too.

We ordered more than 20 dishes; with soups, deep fried stuff, fruits, and ice creams and that already make the RM65 per head worth it! LOL

The last time we had dim sum here was during Hubby's birthday last year and it took a year for our return. So I guess, I'll return again to enjoy the dim sum here in 2020? Hahaha

Anyway, it was rather nice of Hubby and Son to agree to have this dim sum brunch. They aren't really big fans of dim sum and they only eat dim sum because I wanted to eat dim sum.


  1. Really worth it lah at RM65 per head seeing that you all ate a lot ... I also boleh challenge you all LOL! Come to think of it, I haven't had dim sum for a long time.

  2. RM65 nett is so worth it from all the photos of tasty dim sum you have shown here. No need to wait till 2020, next year is 2019, so can go again in 2019 to make it an annual makan event. :) The Mango and Shrimp Dumplings look so special like a gift/present parcel. The combination of mango and shrimp sounds very tasty too!

    1. Hahaha

      Yup the mango shrimp fried dumplings are delish!


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