Prolific December

It was nice to see two of my write-ups been published this month, and both in the same week!

I blogged about a friend's quest to run in every state in Malaysia last month and I submitted an article to NST.
I sent it to the editor a few weeks after we returned from Langkawi, where Hubby and I had both crewed for Ironman Langkawi for a week in November.

It was finally published on Tuesday, Dec 18 2018. 

Full transcript of the interview I did with MJ can be found here.

I also attended and blogged about Presint 18 parkrun, Putrajaya in November (blog post here).

After much delay, I finally submitted its write-up to Running Malaysia Magazine last week and it got published in their website today! 
The full article can be read at Running Malaysia Website.

For me, writing about runners and races is  my very small contribution for the running community and spread the joy of keeping healthy.

Hope you guys read it and enjoy them!


  1. Congratulations Lina! I always believe you are a better writer when you cover topics about running especially in foreign countries. You could share real details you observed about their environment and infrastructures besides where you stayed and what you ate.
    Anay tumpang gembira!!

    1. Thanks Anay for your kind words.

      Maybe I should run overseas more. LOL

      On a serious note, I'd love to run in Thailand again. So syiok running in Thailand!

      Looking for sponsors! LOL

  2. Well done! It is always rewarding to write about something you are passionate about and to have it published, wah syiok habis!

    1. Thanks PH :)

      I love running and writing so this is pretty nice. :)

  3. Nice writing. You are a talented writer, Lina! Congrats on getting your articles published.

  4. Congrats! You transport your readers to the runs you wrote about. That is how good a writer you are. Do submit more articles for publications so that more people can read them.


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