Gulai Airport Langkawi

I've heard so much about this Gulai Airport place from friends who had crewed for Ironman Langkawi these past few years and Hubby and I finally got a chance to try it ourselves last week.
It is located very near to the airport, hence the name Gulai Airport.

Its name is actually Halim GP Gulai Panas Airport and was formerly known as Gulai Kalut.

As I mentioned earlier, it was highly recommended by friends who had visited Langkawi in the past, and after eating there, we certainly agree with them.
It's just a simple eatery but the staff were friendly and efficient. Food was good and we paid RM100 for our meal for 5 plus drinks. Not too bad lah, considering we had kerapu fish head, fish gulai and a mountain of deep-fried squids for dinner. Ulams were free and available in abundance.

Hubby and I had wanted to make a second visit, alas we couldn't find time to slot in a return makan trip there as the shop only opens at night.


  1. Can see the mountain of deep-fried squids in your photo - so tasty!

  2. I am suddenly craving for gulai pedas!

    1. You know anywhere serving a great one here? Recommend please!

  3. It was named as Gulai Kalut because previosly (way-way back to year 1999-2000) the original owner nicknamed is Kalut. Can't remember his actual name though. All I remember it started as selling roti canai which open very early (4am maybe) which is our usual stop after a night out.

    Maybe because the gulai that serve with the roti canai is so tasty, someone suggested to him to do gulai ikan instead with rice. Started to open a bit early/late (depends on how you view time) at midnight or around 1am-2am before later on starting from dinner time (6pm onwards).

    In the early days it's pretty simple. Not many choices of fish except temenung/kembong or tenggiri. Usually we ordered tenggiri for gulai and kembong fried. Ulam and sambal are free (2 types of sambal, green chilli and red chilli and the best if to mix them up). Dont think he ever charge us for nasik tambah though.

    He moved quite a few places, from near the airport to kedawang etc before moving back to the airport after he join venture with the current owner.

    Actually after he left (they split, not sure the reason) the gulai tasted a bit different. Not sure where the original Kalut went though.

    Heard he's in Penang and some said KL but when I went to the one in Kajang it tasted very different so I know it's not the original Kalut.


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