MAHA 2018 Treasure Hunt

Apart from joining the DVS Farmville Run 2018 during MAHA 2018 last Sunday, we also entered the Pak Maha The Explorer Treasure Hunt.
Registration was free.
But every participant of the treasure hunt (either a team of 2 or up to 4) received this bag from Decathlon.  Nice, right?
Waiting for our turn to receive the set of questions for the treasure hunt.

There were 10 questions that we need to complete and we were given an hour and a half to complete our task.

It was fun, and gave us the opportunity to actually explore the exhibits while trying to find our answers.

There were several treasure hunt sessions held throughout the event but I'm not too sure about the time and details.

Anyhoo, we didn't manage to win anything but we were pretty happy to go back with two new free bags! ^^


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