Miyazaki Wagyu At MAHA2018

Among the things that we did at MAHA 2018 last Sunday, apart from joining the DVS Farmville Run and Pak Maha Treasure Hunt was to eat.

One particular booth caught our fancy and that was the Miyazaki Wagyu beef booth, brought in by Agroland (M) Sdn Bhd and the meat is certified Halal!
They had a promotion for the steak and burger and both can be cooked and eaten at the booth.
We can't afford the steak despite its promo price so we opted to try the wagyu burger.
Wagyu burger cooking in action.
Our wagyu burger.

It really was nice and the meat literally melt in our mouth.

My only beef (pun intended) was the sauce. I'm not much of a sauce lover and I felt adding it was quite unnecessary.

I had wanted to check out the cheese booth that came from Langkawi too but somehow forgotten about it. 


  1. Like you, I don't quite like sauce too. The way you describe the meat melting in the mouth sure sounds tasty! RM25 for a wagyu burger is a good price. I wonder do they have a shop somewhere selling this burger.

    1. I forgot to check whether they have an outlet or not. Hehe

  2. Adoi... I long to eat wagyu again but so expensive lah!

    1. Ya... I always get scared looking at its price.

  3. I would prefer the Wagyu Burger with less meat. Looks delicious enough for me.


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