Langkawi During Ironman 2018 Weekend

We visited Langkawi for the second time in mid-Nov 2018. 

We've been lucky that our two visits together to  Langkawi were for sports events. 

The first was in 2016 for BDB Triple Challenge 2016 when we did route recce for its BDB Langkawi Run & Climb with a few other experienced runners and bloggers. 

This second trip, Hubby and I were crews for Ironman Malaysia 2018.

We were pretty busy and spent the days apart as we had separate duties and schedules but we were lucky to have the last day (on Monday) free to explore the island.
Our flight to Langkawi was on Wednesday at around 8.00am and we got to the airport at around 6.30am. It was a good decision to arrive early as the line for baggage drop was rather long. We bumped into friends who were also travelling to Langkawi - some were participants and a few crewing.

With some time to kill before boarding time, we had a leisurely breakfast at Ipoh Vintage at Gateway KLIA2.

Service was efficient and friendly but I find the drinks were too sweet for me.
And then... Welcome to Langkawi!

The days until Sunday was a blur of activities but we finally had free time on our last day to enjoy some quick sight-seeing on our last day before our flight home at 8.00pm (which was later delayed to 9.00pm).
 After Hubby finished some banking matters for the event, we were off to do some exploring!

Finally, both of us were off-duty!
First stop was for lunch and we had it by the seaside at the Laksa Ikan Sekoq by the airport.

It was really nice to enjoy the sea breeze while having our lunch under the shade.
Afterwards, we headed to Kuah for a visit to see the eagle.

Enjoying the view while strolling along Taman Legenda was quite nice too.
Then, a stop at a Gamat centre and bought some to bring back home.

We also drove to Langkawi Skycab but with not much time left, we didn't ride the cable car. We stopped by Burau Bay for some photo taking then head off to Pantai Cenang.

We did some chocolate shopping (must lah, right?) for family and colleagues.
Then, some snacks to eat before we head off to the airport.

And Cendol Kelapa.

The cendol was full with pulut (glutinous rice), red beans, corns, cendol and a few other things apart from the coconut flesh and water.

It was nice as it wasn't too sweet and I loved it! For RM8, this one is good to be shared with 3 people!

We had a great time in Langkawi. The people we met were friendly and I enjoyed my time there.

I hope I may get another chance to visit the island again in the future.


  1. So purposeful to go to Langkawi together as crew. Good that still have some free time together to pak tor pak tor and makan makan. Oooo, the cendol kelapa is so tempting, saliva is drooping now...

    1. It's one of the most prestigious events known around the world so we didn't hesitate when we got the chance to crew for it.

      Not everyone get the chance to do it.

  2. I've never been to Langkawi. Looks like you had good fun and good food!

    1. Soon, maybe?

      Yup, we sure had a great time there!


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