Lunch At Alexis Bistro

A day before my trip to Japan, I met up with a friend for lunch ad we decided to have it at Alexis Bistro. She was craving for Sarawak Laksa and likes the one served there.

For me, I decided to order the lunch set menu which is a bargain at RM36+
The appetizer. Served piping hot. It was rather nice.

Sorry, I'm rather lazy to rotate this photo. Hahaha
The came the main dishes.

Rice, with stir-fried vege and sweet & sour tofu.
And this deep-fried fish served with a rather sweet sauce that  I didn't really like.

But the fish itself was nice.

It was finally finished off with desserts (sorry, no photo) of a slice of cake.

So, it's really quite a good deal for a set lunch.

I had fun meeting up and talking with my friend too.

Thanks for the lunch too! ^^


  1. I have loved Alexis since it opened and dated my wife there. Need to revisit this place for the yummy food. The set meal is really worth it.

    1. The set meal really worth it, otherwise I can't afford eat at this atas place. 😂

  2. Was that chili in the appetizer set? Looks rather peculiar. :D

  3. Why don't you like sweet sauce? :D

  4. You are right that the prices in the ala carte menu is high. I have only tried their lobster roll. Maybe I can consider their set lunch next time.

    1. I only go there when someone treat me for a meal. Hahaha


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