A Hike From Lake Yunoko to Lake Chuzenji

Since I've uploaded some photos for our Kurume-Korasan trekking course last week, I thought might as well do one for our Nikko hike a year and a half ago in December.

We were staying at Yumoto Onsen (elevation 1,487m above sea level) and and decided it would be nice to hike from there to Lake Chuzenji.

Our return trip later was by bus which took us about 80 minutes and cost 1,700 yen per person which was covered by our Nikko All Area Pass.

For our hike, we took about 6 leisurely hours and hiked a total of 16km.

It was great fun, we bumped into local Japanese tourists who were hiking and bird watching.


  1. The scenery is so beautiful! In such cool weather, hiking is enjoyable. Oh! Got bears. Seram a bit hee..hee... Nice food, I like your grilled fish :)

    1. That's why hikers in Japan always bring bell along during their hike. To scare off wild animals.

  2. Must be a very relaxing and pleasant hike. beautiful too. reminds me of the kurama- kibune trail I have walked before in kyoto which is more touristy than your nature trail here.

  3. I can imagine all the lovely trails and sightseeing when you ran in Japan. The environment is so different and soaking in onsen is a bliss. I actually took naps in the hot water.


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