A New Flavour Of N8 Re:Fuel Energy Gel Tested At Hulu Langat Marathon

Thanks to EGO Sports, I had the chance to test their new N8 Re:Fuel Energy Gel new flavour.

I've been a user of N8 Endurance since 2016 (the year that I had many PBs and even podium placings. Hahaha) and N8 Re:Fuel Energy Gel since last year so I was pretty excited when I heard that they had come up with a new flavour.
N8 Re:Fuel Energy Gel already has a Green Apple flavour in the market and now they came up with a delicious Thai Mango flavour.

For me, the timing is perfect because I had Hulu Langat Marathon on Sunday.
Of course, it's not advisable to try anything new on race day so I had half a sachet during my shakeout run the day before my marathon.

Verdict: it tasted GREAT!
  • And just like the Green Apple flavour, it does go down easily and doesn't leave any lingering after-taste like some other energy gels do.
  • I also like the fact that I don't necessarily need to take it with water so it is pretty convenient to take some gel even before I reach a water station during Hulu Langat Marathon.
  • It's also not too sweet and for me.
  • The cap on the energy gel is of course a bonus point because I don't need to finish a sachet of gel in one go and can avoid sticky spillage.
I was happily surprised to note that when I asked followers of our Cik Arnab and En Kura-Kura Facebook page, they have an overall positive reviews about the gel.
Comments from our followers even before I got the chance to try one.

Thank you everyone!
One follower, after being asked by his friend has shared some tips on how to reap full benefits of N8 products for their workout.

Great tips! Thank you!
A few people asked when they could get the products.

For me, I got my stock from EGO Sports in Bangsar Village but the above are the list of EGO Sports outlet.

It can also be purchased online through online shopping portals.

But for most runners, the best way to get them and at a bargain price is during REPC.
 Dave Wong Chyi Sheng shared this photo with us.

He bought 3 sachets during KOKK REPC at RM20 for 3 and later bought a box of 10 sachets for RM64 at NPE Highway Challenge REPC.

It is a bargain!

If you hate energy gels that are too sweet and those that you feel is too messy to consume, N8 Re:Fuel Energy Gel may be the choice for you. Like it's a choice for me.


  1. I dont know much about energy drink. Or gel to be precise.

    I only saw those sportspersons take them on tv, like in badminton and tennis.


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