Monday, 19 October 2009

Fast Food Again? McDonald's!

Last week we ate at Carl's Jr. Raimie wanted to go there again on Friday but he compromised with us and we took him to McDonald's instead.

Zaini got the set meal with the Coca-Cola glasses and Raimie got his usual happy meal. For me, I don't really like the burgers here, but I like the fried chicken so that's what I got.

They gave me a chicken wing and Zaini asked me whether I wanted to change it. You know, I don't eat chicken wing at all, ever. I don't know why, but I can never eat them. I wasn't that hungry so I didn't ask for a change and gave the chicken wing to Zaini. He usually had to eat the chicken wings and drumsticks because these are the two parts of chicken I don't eat.

Do you have any food that you will not eat? :-)


  1. Why you don't eat chicken wings? I don't like to eat them either! Haha!

  2. Raimie like Carl's Jr? Wah! So clever eater. I think Carl Jr's burgers are much much better than McD, though I don't mind the Big Mac.

  3. Ooh! This post reminds me of the hanbaobao (hamburger) hill I saw in China : )

  4. @foong,
    really? You don't like chicken wings too? Yeay! I got a friend! :D Don't know why lah but I told Zaini (who never cease to wonder why I don't) that I don't like eating the bicep/tricep part. LOL

  5. The breast part of the chicken!
    That is what I don't eat... but if i had no choice, I will take them :).

    I don't eat coriander too :P ahaha.

    McDonalds... lain kali ajak ;).

  6. i like wings..but not the skin..

  7. @ladyviral,
    You are opposite of me. I like coriander. :)

    Next time we go makan together. Ajak Foong oso and ask him to show his injured leg. :D

    well, that's healthy right, not eating the skin. :D

  8. lina, my injured leg healed already though still have a faint scar. Hehe.

    ladyviral, I don't mind eating the breast part of the chicken. Anywhere as long as it's meaty and not boney like chicken wings! Haha!

  9. i like the chicken wings =) that's my fave part i find it tasty but hubs prefer pecho (breast) part. I love to debone, i think that pretty much explains why =P

  10. @everyone,
    interesting info from you guys. :)



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