Wednesday, 26 October 2011

By The Lake, At Night

I've posted some photos of Putrajaya's Lake taken at Presint 3 earlier. The lake is pretty spectacular to view at night too and Zaini took the opportunity to snap some photos while waiting for me to finish my 10K run in the Putrajaya Night Marathon.
Raimie had a ball playing and running around too, that night. He even accompanied and ran with me while I was doing my warm-up before my run. 

The Seri Wawasan Bridge illuminated at night makes lovely nightscape.
Wouldn't you want to visit the place someday? You might not be able to climb all the way up to that "erection" (as SK would say) of a tower, but walking at the base is nice too. You can learn a bit about the history of the formation of Tanah Melayu and Malaysia thereafter at the monument.

Also, wishing a Happy Deepavali to all Hindus, all around the world. Rejoice in the victory of light over darkness. The victory of good against evil.


  1. What lovely sights. I haven't been to all the bridges but do they all serve a purpose? I mean were they all built just to beautify Putrajaya as the main focus? Any idea?

  2. @HappySurfer,
    Oh, unlike the Monorail Suspension bridge, the rest of the bridges do serve a purpose.

    There is a big lake in Putrajaya and access to certain Presints are through this big 650ha manmade pocket of water.

    Of course the bridges here are nicer than some normal bridges you'd see around town. xD

  3. i've not been to Putrajaya at night before.. but from the photo, i really think those bridges are amazing..

  4. and the color of the lighting will change?? cos i see green red and purple.. wow, cantiknya~~

  5. @SK,
    Yeah, the lights changes. Dunno how many time, but its so lovely to look at it changing colours, right? :)

    The bridges are really nice. Tourits in bus loads usually stop at the Seri Wawasan Bridge for some photo op, I guess before/after visiting the Putrajaya Mosque which is nearby. Never fail seeing them as I did my runs around the area. ;p

  6. Me,never been to Putrajaya before too,may be this coming CNY,when I drive down to JB,on the way back, go jalan jalan di PUtra Jaya,that can be fun too................thanks for sharing ya

  7. @Eugene,
    It's a nice place to sightsee a bit, but all in all a pretty boring town. But the bridges and the parks are lovely. :)

  8. Ahhh... this is the place tht we often patron... good to spend a cruise ride with little one too!

  9. @Alice,
    Maybe one day we can stumble with each other there! ;)

    How much is the cruise, by the way?

  10. Very nice! Btw, what river is that on your header?

  11. @Jellybelly,
    That's the estuary where Marang river meets the sea. Located in the East Coast of peninsula Malaysia, in Terengganu.

    Zaini's grandmother's house and also his eldest aunt (mom side) is located just beside it. :)



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