Two Types Of Pain

A spot of reflexology massage by a blind masseur for me. It can be painful, but it's a good kind of pain. A 30 minutes pain and I walk feeling light as air after the session.
Then, I got another spot of pain in my leg. I slipped and fell into a drain while trying to step over it. A pretty nice swelling developed shortly after but it got better after putting ice pack on it and taking myoflex, celebrex and papain tablets helps manage the pain. Got a jab too, at the clinic for that itsy bitsy scratch on my right leg. ^^!

Good thing is wasn't anything serious but I guess no running for me these few days. Shoot.


  1. Oh dear, that must have hurt. Get well soon. Will you be able to run the night marathon?

  2. @HappySurfer,
    I asked the doctor whether I can and he just said "finger crossed".

    But so far, looks like I'm not gonna miss Putrajaya Night Marathon. I just can't do any training tonight and tomorrow's night and just run with whatever energy I can muster on Saturday. :)

  3. haiyoh, why?? why you were so careless and ditched yourself into the longkang?? that's just so unsexy lah, gadis~~ :p

  4. hahaha, just kidding lah.. that's very sad you have to stop running for a few days, when's your next marathon?? have enough time to practise??

  5. i've tried blindman massage few times before too, 90-minutes for RM60 if i didn't remember wrongly.. it was good, full body massage and really feel so light and refresh after that..

  6. @SK,
    Yalor... so unladylike for a "gadis" like me to go and get myself ditched in that longkang. LOL

    Zaini said it must be a sign I shouldn't be running the Putrajaya Night Marathon this Saturday. Huhuhu

    I haven't tied the full body massage yet. Not enough time but friends recommend it.

  7. Hope you get well fast. Apply some vaseline on that wound before you run. All the best for the PNM. Remember, just go out and have fun.

  8. @Nick,
    Okie dokie. Thanks for the tip. :)

    Definitely will go there and have lots of fun. Alone or otherwise! ^^

  9. oh no.. hope your leg is ok already.. i sometimes takut wanna cross longkang, i'll wait and measure first if i can or not.. coz i've seen someone terjatuh inside longkang (dah la dalam pulak tu!) right in front of me.. fobia dy

  10. @Bella,
    I pun phobia sebenarnya. One time, whole body"entered" a longkang - lucky the drain was a dryu one. @.@

    Need to be more careful next time. ^^!

  11. Hey, you have to be in shape for your big day! Take care and no more accidents :)

  12. @jellybelly,
    Fingers crossed! :)


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