By The Lake

Lately, once or twice a month either on a Saturday or Sunday, Zaini and I would head to Presint 3 in Putrajaya in the morning.
By the lake, with the Seri Saujana Bridge in the background. If you like bridges, Putrajaya is definitely the place to visit. The place sure have loads of bridges. And I ran on the Seri Gemilang Bridge on Saturday during the Putrajaya Night Marathon! :)
Suspension bridge that leads to nowhere. Makes good photo though.
The Seri Wawasan Bridge and the Monumen Alaf Baru (Millennium Monument) in the background. Although one can't help to be drawn by the phallic shape of the tower, the monument is actually designed based on Malaysia's national flower, Hibiscus. The base of the monuments are actually petals.
There was a boat race of some sort going on when we were there, it's the "varsity boat race" if I'm not mistaken. Fun to watch the rowers while I was pounding the pavement.

Apart from the lovely view, the nice breeze and shady pavements along the lake, what I like about running here is the fact that there's free public toilets abound. And they are pretty well maintained too. 

Let's hope the nice environment will continue to be nice. 

I can't help but to be disappointed by some irresponsible visitors to the lakeside. There were fast food wrappers and boxes strewn around and crows were making a field day jabbing at them for food. Is it so hard to go and throw rubbish in the rubbish bin? Do these people really want the cleaners to have some work to do so that's why they can't be civic minded and keep the place clean? Why does one need to litter?


  1. Yeah, Putrajaya is the place to visit for the bridges. I read there are seven bridges and some of them are good-looking too. That suspension bridge leads to nowhere? Serious?

    Phallic? Tall, slim and sharp. LOL

    Nice pictures you've got there, Lina, and the sky was so nice and blue. Thanks for sharing the lovely sights.

  2. @HappySurfer,
    Putrajaya is definitely a great place for bridge lovers. ;)

    Yeah, it's called the monorail suspension bridge, where not a monorail in sight. It's a great example of how to waste taxpayers' money, I say. They build a bridge first and then halted all further projects of the monorail. Quite "interesting" eh.

  3. Wow!! That's beautiful! I gotta ask my hubby to take me there when we make a trip home!

  4. @Slyvia,
    Oh! You totally should. Make a stop at the mosque too. :)

  5. People are like that. They think that because someone is paid to clean the place, that gives them the right to litter. Bunch of ignoramus, I say.

  6. @Nick,
    Yeah, unfortunately there are people like that around.

    Nice runs you have today. Training hard for PBIM. Good luck and have fun with your training! ^^

  7. wow, you sure are very familiar with Putrajaya!!! a place i've not been to more than five times~~ :D

  8. look at you!! if i've not known your background, i would have thot you are a teacher.. because you can even name every single bridge there, and also that "erection"!! that's pretty amazing lah Cikgu Gadis!! haha~~ :D

  9. so what's new for you?? the bolehland people just never been considerate but only thought of their convenient.. haiz, 1st class infrastructure 3rd class people we say??

  10. @SK,
    I only got to know about the name of the bridges while studying the route for Putrajaya Night Marathon. hahaha

    Putrajaya is quite near to my place. Don't exactly any nice park around Mines so if I want to do longer runs, it is so much nicer to head to Putrajaya instead of having to contend with traffic for my weekend morning runs. And Putrajaya parks are pretty quiet too (traffic - engine or people wise).

    Kakaka I cannot imagine myself being a teacher. I even rejected a chance to do TESL after Form 5 because I don't want to be a teacher. ;p But I am somewhat a purveyor of useless information. heh heh

    Yeah, what else is new in this "great" land of ours and our "great" people living in it. It's always the case of "as long as it doesn't happen in front of my backyard here". Never mind the mess elsewhere. :(

  11. I have yet to go to there. Heard a lot about it. I hate people who litters. There are so many such people in garden. We have a basket ball field and you can't believe what people throw there. Disgusting!

  12. @Quay Po Cooks,
    It's a nice quiet place and you can see a few families having a picnic under the shady trees there.

    Yeah, people who litter are disgusting! :(

  13. Haha.. The bridge that leads to nowhere tu kelakar jugak kan? First time I saw it dulu, I was thinking, apa benda bridge ni buat sini ni? Haha.. But yeah, Putrajaya is beautiful cuma not banyak tempat berteduh for people who wants to photo walk there

  14. Love the view on the first pic but yup, there will always be people who are too inconsiderate to throw their trash where it belongs.

    You'd be surprised that some of these are people with proper upbringing.

  15. @Bella,
    Certain presints are nice and shady and certain aren't. Depends where you go. Presint 11 is so nice and green, I envy those living there. :)

  16. @sriyany,
    No, I'm not surprised anymore at such behaviour. I used to see the same kind of attitude at my apartment. People just leaving their trash bags at the lifts for the cleaners to pick up when the garbage chute is only a few metres away.

    Some people may have lots of $$$, highly educated, etc but if they are not raised to be civic and morally conscious, then they are not properly brought up. :(


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