More Japanese Gastronomic Adventure?

We really need to pace ourselves with all these Japanese food that we seemed to be eating lately, be it at some restaurants or at home. I even cooked grilled sanma fish last week!
It was dinner for two on Monday evening at the newly opened Nippon-Tei in Alamanda, Putrajaya. They're having some opening specials offered. Zaini had teppanyaki set set at RM18 and I had gyudon with kimchi for RM16.80.

I like gyudon. I adore kimchi. But the two of them together, not really a hit with me. huhuhu

The ones we had are nothing to shout about but hey, they are cheap and affordable!!!!

Then, it was shabu-shabu/sukiyaki time at Sukiya on Saturday! Whoooo.... all the meat we can eat for just RM29.80++ for adults and 1/2 price for kids. Eat meat we sure did.
Lamb, beef or chicken for you? We had beef and lamb and refilled four times, if I'm not mistaken. We really, really enjoyed stuffing our face with meat that day. The healthy bar where you can take veges and frozen stuff like fish balls etc? Not so much. Didn't want to fill up our tummy with non-essentials. LOL
Or if those aren't good enough, maybe an order of some wagyu beef a-la carte. For us, we were perfectly OK with the all-you-can-eat servings.
What dipping for your sukiyaki/shabu-shabu meal? Miso paste, ponzu, sesame or raw egg?
Beef... yummy especially when dipped in raw egg
and the last piece of sliced meat for the sitting. Burp! We opted for a sukiyaki and kimchi soup base.
and to close off a nice meat-filled lunch, some ice cream!

and today, I'm having lunch at Hokkaido Ichiba. Oh, the indulgence. Bummer the ever expanding waistline. *^-^*


  1. you sure love all things japanese haah .. i stayed there for many years and still tak tau makan sushi but i love shabu-shabu, beef is my choice .. must try out this rest that you go kids would go apes lol ..

  2. Looks like a grand feast! With the cooler weather in Japan it is almost time for nabe and my favourite Sukiyaki :)

    Japan Australia

  3. @KJ,
    We love all things Japanese tapi actually, dah lama tak go crazy eating Japanese food here in KL other than what I cooked at home.

    Kemaruk coz of the effect nak gi sana for the holiday kot. kikiki

    Go go go. And makan meat and vege pun kan diet, right? No need to eat rice. ^^

  4. @Japan Australia,
    oooo nabe. It's nice to have them when the rain is pouring down (since Malaysia doesn't exactly have a cold season) xD

    I'm looking forward to enjoy cooler season food in Japan soon! ^^

  5. wow, you sure you don't have enough Japanese?? haha..

  6. make sure you don't have too much Japanese until you get sucked of them when you are in Japan later.. haha!! it'll be too pathetic then, ngek ngek.. :p

  7. wow, all you can eat shabu-shabu for only RM29.80?? and the meat looks absolutely fresh and yummy.. now tell me how many cows have u eaten to gain your waistline?? haha.. :D

  8. dip in raw eggs?? I hvn't tried that before.

  9. Do you have a secret Japanese name? LOL! You sure love your Japanese stuff don't you.

  10. @SK,
    Imagine if I devour a whole cow! Kakakaka

    Most likely, after our trip to Japan, we'll totally stop eating Japanese food for 6 months. That's what we did all these years. We go to Japan, then Japanese food in Malaysia became kinda meh for a while. Then the craze start and then we go to Japan. ;)

  11. @wenn,
    It's really nice. It makes the taste much richer. You should try it. :)

  12. @Nick,
    How can we not love Japan as we've been visiting the country year after year since 2002! ;p

  13. OMG!! I am hungry now looking at the food here!! I want a japanese meal!!!

  14. I really think the shabu shabu is worth the price!

  15. @foong,
    Yup, totally worth it. And the staff were fast with the refills too.

  16. ohhhhhhhhhh my god..sooo yumy :)


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