Whiny Friday Post

 Battered right leg
Pristine, blemish free left leg

Just look at the state of my poor, splotchy red, blue & green right leg and compare it to my bruise free left leg!

Well, I have to take it easy and give both legs some tender loving care and not "abuse" them so much since I can't run without them! Better rest for a couple of days than having to stop for a month, right?

But oh the pain of not going out for a run and not getting sweaty. It sure sucks when the weather is nice and breezy and yet I'm indoors. I know, I know. I can always do something else to keep fit. But.... I don't really like taking a swim at the crowded apartment's pool or using the stationary bike (or any bicycle for that matter). Core exercises is a chore for me. Just walking may be nice but I need company to go out for a walk.
Then, to make the week more interesting, I caught the flu bug and had to sport this "hospital" fashion at the office to avoid sneezing non-stop. Runny nose is so not fun!

And it rained almost every night making a night run out of the question, even if I want to. Booohooo!!!

I sure whine a lot, don't I? Hahaha

Happy Friday folks. What's your plan for the weekend? Hope you'll have a blast!


  1. come to think about it, better to have all them coming to u at once than separately, so u only stop running for this time?? ;p

  2. cannot go running and cannot have bibimbap already, else when u sneeze later all the hot rice will splash all over your gadis face, haha~~

  3. get well soon, both your leg and your nose.. :)

  4. @SK,
    Have not been running much lately anyway. And yeah, better all the ailments come at one time so get ill one time, get better one time also. Hahah

    I very ladylike one. Even if I sneeze, I won't spray the bibimbap all over your face. Wanna have lunch with me, while my flu is still going on strong? hehehe

    And thanks for the wish. I hope I'll be better enough to run a bit tomorrow. :)

  5. Yeah, the rain can be a spoiler when it comes to running. I haven't been running much too and may not even run this evening cos I got some errands to do and tomorrow also looks like a busy day ... might have to force myself awake at 4am just to run ... siggghhh ...

  6. Get well soon. Not taking any medication to get well faster? Happy weekend.

  7. @Nick,
    I actually set my alarm at 4am this morning in the hope of maybe doing an early morning run before getting ready for work. But my body rebelled and decided to sleep more. LOL

  8. @HappySurfer,
    Medicine? I'm taking 3 different kinds of anti-inflammatory pills and some pills to counter any gastric problems I might have due to taking those mentioned pills. The last time I took this much medicine, I was diagnosed with a tumor! huhuhu

  9. Don't worry. You'll be up and running in no time. Yup, the rain can be a downer most times - especially when you need to RUSH to your car in the outdoor car park!

    This week is pre-relaxing-deepavali weekend :)

  10. @sriyany,
    done all your festivities shopping already? :)


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