Crunch Time!

Raimie's sitting for his year-end exam next week so he needs to do a bit more revision to prepare. It sure is hard to get that boy of mine to buckle down and study. I guess he is lucky that despitehis "laziness" he has a good head and can absorb his lessons easily but he tends to make careless mistakes when doing his school work/revision/exams.

Good luck Son and do your best in your exam.


  1. I think carelessness is part of the game... and boys are usually not diligent at young age... Am sure he'll get good grades... you're the mom, y'know.:=)

  2. I lovehis books... full of colrs, at least that part is interesting for kids I think...

    Why does he have the remote control at hand, is he multi tasking? Wtching tv and studying? That's cool!

  3. Our schools are also holding their final year exams next few weeks.

    All the best to Raimie, study hard ah!

  4. @WebbieLady/Filipan Ini,
    I know he got good brains but sometimes I just wish that he is more willing to work harder and be more diligent. Oh well... what can I say. He does takes after his mother when it comes to studying. huhuhu

    That colourful book is actually a newspaper. A Japanese newspaper. ^^

    He didn't watch the TV. The Korean channel (KBS World) was on and Mommy was watching that. ;)

  5. @ECL,
    Thanks Auntie ECL. Raimie's Mommy will make sure he studies hard and do well in his exam. ^^

    Good luck to all school children in their exams too. :)

  6. He'll do fine :D All the best to him. If he gets good results mommy gonna buy him more Ultraman toys? hehehe ...

  7. @Nick,
    Good results = visit to Ultraman Land in Kyushu for his birthday present. Less than top 3 placing, no visit. Talk about giving him pressure, eh?

    Though I think even if he got no 4, we still take him there. But we just want to "bribe" errrr motivate him a bit with that promise. xD

    So, you guys safely in your hotel room already? Resting until the evening? :)

  8. All the best, Raimie.

    That sure is a fat carrot at the end of the stick... a visit to Ultraman Land. LOL

  9. @Lina, it's you watching the TV! You watch Korean and read Japanese newspaper... WOW! That's just amazing!

  10. Some poeple are justlucky...when one is smart, diligence is not that necessary...:=) I think that's a fair rule.

    Raimie will surely make it!

  11. @HappySurfer,
    And that's the only carrot for him all year. He has to do good for the whole year to get that fat carrot. ;)

  12. @WebbieLady,
    I watched Korean and "look" at Japanese newspaper. I don't necessarily understand either language. hihi

  13. @Filipina Ini,
    But I think those who work hard deserve to have success too. Sometimes it's just not fair for a student to slog it out and came out with less satisfactory result. But of course, that's life. How one arise from such challenges will make one a better person.

    My hubby always said - getting great grades does not make a person better than those who doesn't.

  14. oh, the year-end final exam is near?? meaning after this will be the long school holidays..

  15. all the best of luck to raimie.. sure he will be passing with flying colors~~ :)

  16. @SK,
    Long school holiday starts from Nov 19 until next year. Yeay! Less jam in the morning! :)

    Thanks for the wish. I do hope he does pass with flying colours. ^^

  17. @Lina,
    Your hubby is correct! Life is not within the 4 corners of the classroom or within the campus... it goes much beyond than that. Ofcourse school is good training ground though.

  18. @WebbieLady,
    We need school but not getting straight As at school is not the end of the world. Though it is of course nice to excel at school. ^^


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