Fat People Can Run

And this fat auntie did, last night at Putrajaya Night Marathon. *^-^*

Despite my initial misgiving about the crowd (I don't usually like crowds and a 10K number of runners congregated in one place is a big crowd! @.@), it was good fun running the Putrajaya Night Marathon. Easy parking, big open spaces and generally easy going crowd.

Since I haven't been running much this past weeks; what with nursing an injured right leg and then the same leg decided to slip and enter a drain - I wasn't expecting to run fast and setting a good personal record anyway. With that in mind, I ran with my compact camera so that I can take some photos running the route. But I think photo taking while running is much easier done during the day than at night, especially with a point & shoot camera.
"Bekal" for the boys to eat for dinner, before the start of the race. Onigiri (rice balls) covered with tamago (egg) furikake and with sardine filling, korean toasted seaweed and some bananas.
 The start/finish lane for 10K and 5K runners
 and the start/finish lane for half marathoners and full marathoners
 before entering the "kandang"/pen
 the half marathoners "whoosh"ing by. Gosh, they are fast!
 10K runners ready to start
 approaching KM2, going up the Seri Gemilang Bridge
this is what you get if you don't stand still long enough to take a photo at night. All the cheers; from the crew, the kompang boys, the brass band; they made my day and made me run faster. Thanks you guys! Not to forget the people at the water stations too.
What is that car doing at a closed up road during a race? Got lost, I suppose. Taken between KM3 & KM4, after the first water station.
going downhill. Wheeee! Kids in passing cars shouted encouragement to us runners. I bet their parents are runners too. ^^ I actually encouraged Raimie to shout "Good Luck" to all runners walking past us when we were mingling with the crowd before the start of the race.
Doubling back, this time we were already doing 7K, I think. Run Gadget Run! The guy with the hailer reminding us that we are in a running race (this is after all called the Putrajaya night marathon) and not a walking event got most of us who were walking, running again.

I don't know whether this is normal but this is the second time (after KLIUC Unity Run) a guy asked me for the time while running. Wha? And he actually waited for me to twiddle my Nike+ Sportband to look at the time. Got people running without their watches but still need to know the time, kah? o.O
Can you spot me? I forgot that Zaini told me to stick to the left hand side so that he can take photos of me approaching the finishing line. I was stoked I guess and was sprinting towards the finish! Getting hi-fives from the Orange Man himself must be the booster that night. *^-^*
Got my medal. Got my snack. Then it was time to go and hit the Milo van! I heart you, Milo van! LOL

See you in next year's Putrajaya Night Marathon! I'm definitely doing this again!


  1. First if all, u not fat. Secondly, we missed seeing each other. Last minute I was able to go and support, but didn't hv ur number nak calling2 .. I was waiting for friends kat 21/42 area ..can't be at two placessme time lol congrats :)

  2. @KJ,
    selagi I tak get to my ideal weight, I consider myself fat. And if I stand next to you, I'll definitely look chubby one! LOL

    Ha'ah. I saw your pics on FB. Aiseh, miss meeting you lah! Would love to meet you in person. Never mind. There's always next time. :)

  3. You better discipline your rigt leg,Lina! ^^ It seems to have a mindof its own.

    Ican't anyone fat in the images!!!!!!! I am fatter than all of them...Oh gosh!

  4. Your last run is 11.3 Km? Wow! That's impressive! I will die to reach that distance inone run.

  5. @WebbieLady,
    Yeah, I totally should make my right leg listen to me! LOL

    The fat one is me!!!! Anyhoo, you know what my motivation to finish this/any race respectably? If I see someone who is heavier than me and she can run faster than me then I told myself and my legs to buck up and not give me shame. xD

  6. @Roj,
    42K is impressive. A 100K is like awesome. 11K is puny compared to those. xD

    But that said, it is not easy for me to run the whole way. ^^

  7. Congrats. As long as you crossed that finish line, the time doesn't matter :D What's your next race?

  8. @Nick,
    I'm limited to once a month race. Next race is IOI Community Run on Nov 20th. But I'm sorely tempted to go for the PJ Half. Oh well...

  9. Like that me also fat hihi :)

  10. @KJ,
    Mana ada. You super, healthy slim tau! I aspire to look like you... Soon I hope. xD

  11. You seem to attract guys asking for the time during marathons, haha!!

  12. So how long you took to complete the run?

  13. Oh, you bring along the camera when you run?

  14. I always thought it's either Zaini or Raimie taking the photos during your marathons : )

  15. @foong,
    I guess I run slow enough for people to actually came up to me and talk to me. Others may be too fast for them! LOL

    According to my Nike+ timing - I did 11.14km at 1h 21min. Slow, right? 19 minutes behind the 25th runner who got to the finish line. Heh heh

    The photos before the start of the race and photos of me approaching finishing line + after are taken by Zaini with our Sony Nex camera. The ones taken during the race i.e. the bridge photos are taken by me with our compact Sony T90.

    I wasn't looking for a fast run (not that I'm fast anyway) because the right leg actually still hurt a bit so having the camera along is a good excuse to stop a bit during the run. xD

  16. yay yay yay!! slim gadis on the go!! congratulations for completing another run, you are great!!

  17. so you are still able to get a medal albeit injury on your leg, wow, i wonder if you were in perfect condition, you may be one of the winners?? hehe~~

  18. i've heard from many that the putrajaya night run is one of the best run organised, and yeah, you have done this and sure you'll be joining that in the coming years??

  19. BTW, "easy going crowd" means no more ah pek and pakcik running side by side and competing with you?? :p

  20. @SK,
    Hahaha no ah pek/pakcik feeling his ego bruised when I pass them simply because I don't see any. They must have run faster than I do or they enter the full marathon instead. LOL

    It's a good race. The only downside of this race is of course it is held at night. Too humid is one factor. The other factor is I've done a lot of things that probably tire me out earlier int he day, including cooking that bekal for Zaini and Raimie. No stamina lah me. ^^!

  21. Congratulations! Well done! In spite of your leg injury you did well, Lina. That's a nice-looking medal - another feather to your running cap. Congrats again!

    Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Isn't yourmotivation awesome? I should do tha too!

  23. You are fat you said? That's crazy thought! You're so thin!!!!!!!!!!!! :=)

    Anyway, I understand you, you're a woman like me, I also feel fat until I get back to at least 48kg!

  24. @HappySurfer,
    And am looking forward to the next race in Nov. :)

    Thanks for the compliments about the photos. ^^

  25. @Roj/WebbieLady,
    I wish I am really thin. But thanks for saying that, anyway. We women love "lies" like that, right? Hahaha

  26. Wow, you look so tough and looks like you are toughening your boy too, way to go!

  27. What lah! Where got fat?! Fantastic run and see you at PJ Half!

  28. @Alice,
    Do I look tough! Oh Noooooo!!!!!! xD

  29. @Jamie,
    I wish I can join PJ Half but I'm not. Bohoooo! Have to stick with my agreement with hubby. Only one race a month. And October's quota already done with PNM. ;)

    You guys have fun there! :)

  30. Congratulation on the 10km achievement :)

  31. @Neoh,

    And to you too, for your full marathon! :)

  32. Congrats on doin this! This is so great... Salute!

  33. @Merryn,
    Thanks. Will try do better and run further distance some day. :)

  34. @Isaac,
    Healthy and fun too! :)

  35. Look at Raimie proudly wearing your medal :)

  36. @jellybelly,
    and I hope he's proud of his mom too. ;)


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