Once A Month, That's The Agreement And It's Starting To Suck Eggs

That's the limit of races I can enter in one month. Just one, per month. When I first signed up for my first race, I thought sure... once a month shouldn't be a problem. Heck, it sounds a lot too! Why would I enter so many races, right? And I know better to register for anything that would be too far and even Klang would be out of the question if I want Zaini to tag along (and drive me there!). I wonder too why all those blogging friends who run, do so with much enthusiasm; entering race after race.

I know I'm like a broken record here, writing about this over and over but bear with me. Like Kak June commented to me, I'm currently in my enthusiastic (over-enthusiastic more like) phase.

So, the first race I registered was for October and that was for the Putrajaya Night Marathon. A 10K race. But after registering for the race, I got a panic attack of sorts since Putrajaya Night Marathon is a rather big event. So in a panicky mood I registered myself to a smaller race; the Pudu Charity Run which was held a day after Zaini's birthday on September 24th.

But I found another race which had a more favourable date in September and so I registered and ran in the KLIUC Unity Run. Women Open, 10K. It was my first road race ever and the experience, despite not knowing anyone there and having no friends to camwhore with, before or after the race; was awesome! Since I already ran in the KLIUC Unity Run, Pudu Charity Run was a no go. I thought it was no big deal, but came the day, I was sort of wishing I was running in it. But instead, I was in the hotel gym sweating it out that day. huhuhu
I am writing this because I sort of wish I can enter the PJ Half Marathon this end of month but I have to honour my agreement with my hubby. I wouldn't have thought this would happen, but I think entering road races is becoming addictive to me and I just wish I can run in them more now! Waiting for one whole month for the next race now seems too far apart! Imagine that! @.@

No go for a race I badly wanted to enter in November too, as it is going to be too near to our vacation date but boy! do I wish I can run in the Nike We Run KL 10K 2011. So for November, I make do with IOI Community Run while most blogging/runners friends I know online will be running in  Penang for the Penang Bridge International Marathon on the same date. IOI Community Run will see me run for 7.7K in Women Veteran category. I'd better make it to top 50! Otherwise, no medal and much shame for me. Ahahaha

December month is still blank for me and January has MPIB Run 2012 slotted, 12K in Women Veteran category no less (nothing says you're old than being qualified to enter the veteran category. hihi) 

Next year, I really need to plan my races so that I won't miss out on the races that I really want to enter. I sure hope they don't all clash and be scheduled in the same month. That would suck. Bad.

I should have heeded the advice of the more seasoned runners and not be sucked into this. LOL Once  you enter a race, it sure is inevitable you'll be running the second, the third, the 150th! Heck! I am actually considering the need to train and run in half marathon at least, by next year! Never mind how many hours it'll take me to finish it. I better save up some $$$ to put Zaini in a nice hotel while waiting for me finish, as a bribe. yahaha

To those who will be running in the PJ Half Marathon and Penang Bridge International Marathon - good luck and have fun running!

p.s I was actually drooling over Brooks' PureConnect shoes while visiting the Brooks booth at Putrajaya Night Marathon. Should I get one? ^^ *check wallet*


  1. Rantings of a professional runner, I call it. LOL

    Didn't know running is so happening here in Malaysia. Good luck for all your events.

  2. @HappySurfer,
    LOL Professional ah? Cannot even call myself amateur runner. hahaha

    Yeah, before I start looking for the races, I didn't realise that road races are a LOT in Malaysia, Klang Valley especially. I started getting to know about it through fellow bloggers' post and got piqued.

    Thanks. Hope to do good time at all the races I enter. ^^

  3. LOL! That's exactly the way I felt when I first started taking part in races.

    This year I just entered everything I could but next year I'm re-evaluating the races I take part in. I won't be doing much 10K races, except for a few handful cos I don't find it justifies the race entry fees.

    I'll be concentrating more on 21K's and work my way to my first FM, probably somewhere in the first quarter of the year and then if I'm able to run FM's comfortably, it'll just be FM distances all the way :D

    Oh, and before you jump into the Pure Connect buying spree, remember that it's a minimalist shoe and you need to change your running style a little for midfoot to toe striking but otherwise, it's an awesome shoe.

  4. @Nick,
    So I have to learn to pick and choose and enter quality races next year. :)

  5. hmmm, i know it's somehow disappointing that you realised you are missing something you wanted so much huh??

  6. that's why i told you to run to the racing venue if Zaini is not bringing you there, haha!! then you sure will be on the paper headline~~ :D

  7. yes, i think you need to plan.. guess the race are held annually on certain dates.. just check and plan accordingly your one race per month schedule to choose your most preferred.. :)

  8. and then try to see if Zaini allows you to have yearly bonus or not?? keke.. :p

  9. @SK,
    LOL Yeah, I totally should just run and get myself to the race venue on foot! Hahaha

    The problem with these races and I've checked the dates for them as far back as 3 years ago, they are pretty much not fixed. And some races dates are only announced just a month before and some are open for registration months before. I think I should learn and be patient and only register on the last day in case more interesting races suddenly crop up.

    I'll try and ask for a bonus in Jan. I already registered for MPIB run on Jan 8 and now I noticed that closer at home, there'll be Mizuno Wave Run exactly a week after MPIB. Wish me luck on my early year bonus! LOL

  10. OMG!! You are so into all these races!! Once a month also not enough? if that's not addiction, I don't know what is! Haha!

  11. So you are going to bribe Zaini? Hahaha!!! Funny...

  12. Yes!! Go get yourself the Brooks' PureConnect shoes!! : D

  13. @foong,
    The addiction is now a close split between blogging & blog-hopping and running & race. hahaha

    Got to bribe lah... if I'm gonna be spending more than 2 hours racing. I don't think he's willing to wait for me long, so bribe lor.... xD

    The shoes. Maybe not yet. As it is, I'm spending way too much money on running attire now. :(

  14. looks like you are having the fun in the runs~

    i have not even started my run! D:

    i haven't been swimming either T_T. oh my... i am so not going slim lol.

  15. @LV,
    Go to slimming centre leh... if body cannot get slim, wallet and pocket sure can! LOL

    Yeah, I'm having lots of fun joining the races. Looking forward to enter more. :)

  16. Hi Lina! :)

    New reader to your blog -- coming over from Nick's! :) I'll be entering my first race this November. the Nike WeRun10KL. I'm nervous because I never ran any races before.. not even a 5km fun run.

    I've been training but due to the weather lately, had to stop running for a week and a half. Running on the treadmill gets pretty boring so I malas.

    I'm scared I'll get addicted after my first race also.. and I'm sure my hubs will be setting a condition for me soon too. After all, he's the one who has to drive me and take care of the kids while I'm running my heart out.

    I haven't even run my first race and I'm already planning to register for the MPSJ 10k and MPIB run. How lah?

    Btw, any tips for a running virgin like me? hahahaha ;)

    p/s: enjoyed reading your blog! ;)

  17. Wow, you sure live a healthy life!

  18. I hv brooks shoes..comfortable..

  19. @Shemah,
    Hi! Thanks for dropping by.Always see your comments over at Nick's.

    Hahaha yeah, I think you most probably will get addicted to joining races. I became one too, despite denying I would. kakaka

    I pun really a noob when it comes to running in races. But the two that I've joined, I just set out to have fun and soak in the atmosphere. Good timing is a bonus. Medals with placing also extra bonus. xD

    Oooo you're going to run in races that I badly wanted - Nike & MPSJ. Both I can't join. huhuhu

    And see you at MPIB! Mizuno Wave Run the week after that, join tak? Kat UPM. I'm trying to slowly physco my hubby to allow me enter. At the moment, he told me to walk to UPM! Alamak!

    Anyway, about your first race - well, to me; no shame in having walk breaks while finishing the race. Keep to your comfortable pace and don't be tempted too much to follow the crowd. That way, the run will be totally enjoyable. Bawak kamera tak? Since I'm not that competitive, I like the idea of running with a camera in hand. Bila penat, can pretend to stop and take photos. LOL

  20. @Alice,
    We need to keep a healthy lifestyle, right? I run. My hubby cycle.

    BTW, are you joining the World Hunger Relief Walk in Putrajaya next week? :)

  21. hmm i posted thru ipad hilang :) nway was saying, u got the bug bad girl hehe .. just play your cards right, who knows he might be interested to join you one of these days or understand the addiction enough to allow at least 2 races per month!! choose what you have not done this year for next year, till u get more licences to run :) but take care ok?

  22. @KJ,
    So far, I don't have any ace cards. Still x dpt2 influence him yet. But anyway, he's willing to drive me & accompany me on my runs on his foldies but I am already thankful. *^_^*

    Skrg ni tgh dok slow2 try to get him agree for me to run in both MPIB and Mizuno Wave Run (mahal lah tp), in January. :)

    Maybe it's good also for me to run once a month, kan? (physco diri sendiri punya kes ni. muekeke)

  23. Glad to know that you are addicted to road race too :D it is a totally difference experience compare to the training runs.

    As I took Newton 25k, will give both MPIB & Mizuno a miss. Anyway, the races are too close to CNY holiday too.

    For fast races info, you can check out this:
    and the Running Deo also keep a very up-to-date list on his blog:

  24. @Neoh,
    Thanks for the links.

    I actually have this crazy idea of trying out the Newton Run, but my hubby told me that I'm crazy. LOL

  25. You sound just like me when I started playing badminton. It seemed like I had joined a tournament every week :) So much fun!

  26. @jellybelly,
    Wow! There's a badminton tournament going on strong there, for amateurs? Cool!

  27. Yes for amateurs but now they've mostly shifted to running. There are fewer tournaments :) Been trying to join up with my friends who are now into running but waking up at 3AM discourage me :)

  28. @jellybelly,
    Your friends sure are hardcore, waking up at 3am. :)

    I only do my runs at 5am/6am (later if hubby &/ son joins me). The only reason I'd wake up that early and run at 4am is because of fasting month!

    Well, have fun with your exercises and workouts. BTW, how was the pain that you were experiencing? Much better, I hope?

  29. Hey Lina,

    I dunno whether to go to the Mizuno run or not.. Bukan apa.. it's RM60 right?? I think more than the actual sending here and there, the hubs is really not amused with the fees that we need to pay for the runs! LOL! and the MPIB pun actually I belum lagi register.. thinking hard and quick whether the hubs bagi pegi tak. And that's the week after school reopens kan? Gonna be quite a hectic week.

    I don't have a camera actually.. so tak leh pretend to stop and take pics! LMAO! But I really am getting more and more excited each day for my first run! :)

  30. @Shemah,
    Yalah, Mizuno punyer a bit expensive. I'm waiting to see what they offer first to justify the fee before signing up. But the plus point is, UPM is near to my house.

    About MPIB run, you tak try join their weekly running club at Lake Garden? I kept on meaning to go (because there are informative talk after the run) but somehow tak pernah made it. xD

    Yeah, it's a week after school reopens. Lucky my son goes to school somewhere nearby so if there's a need to go to Saturday school ke apa ke, hubby an just drop me off first before both of them set off to school. LOL

    BTW, tak masuk Dailymile and register your trainings and runs there? I love it and it enable me to keep track of my runs and also get to know more runners. The "seniors" like Nick are there and they do give a lot of encouragement. :)

    Have fun and good luck for your first race! ^^

  31. @shemah,
    Oh lupa. Ada register to Nike running clinic? Start at a few shopping malls. I don't run in Nike WeRunKL and don't know whether I can actually go for the running clinic but I registered for the ones on Nov 12 because it's starting at MidValley. At least hubby doesn't mind if it's there. First one starts at Pavillion, if I'm not mistaken. :)

  32. Hi lina : totally agree with u on the running addiction. Never thought I would be one of the addict:)

  33. @screamingmommy,
    Me neither.

    But we got ourselves a healthy addiction so it's all good. ;)


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