Saturday, 1 October 2011

Dinner For Two At Kampachi

We actually had no intention of eating out on Zaini's birthday and had planned to eat in the comfort of our room, like we always do when we checked-in to a hotel. But then, we decided to go down and since Kampachi was open, decided too have dinner there. Raimie wasn't around because he was staying overnight over at his Grandad's house.

A quiet dinner for two was really nice.
Ready to order?
The restaurant's interior. It was a rather quiet evening there.  Friendly, attentive waitress waited on us. I must have gotten my green tea replenished a gazillion time by them!
Instead of choosing the more expensive stuff in the menu,  we went all prudent and choose the teshoku (set menu) instead. Zaini had salt grilled cod set and
I had kaki tama don. My palate sure has changed lately. I love oysters and all that but I can't finish the oysters in the bowl. Lately, I'm not particularly fond of deep-fried stuff. My tummy must've decided to go all healthy on me! @.@
All finished! Zaini helped finish off mine, as always. I can't fault him putting on weight now, can I? With all the food he had to eat, leftovers from both me and Raimie!
and we finish off the meal with some fruits.

It sure was a nice evening. I guess sometimes having a couple time, just me & hubby without son is good. Raimie got to do some bonding time with grandad & uncles, and we had the night for ourselves. *^-^*


  1. I'm guessing it's pretty normal, I had the same problem before but I think I gained back my appetite to eating since fasting month, I think I had a bit too much of things I shouldn't eat that I'm trying to discipline myself back now to get ready for the HM in Nov.

  2. @maslight,
    Good luck training for the PBIM and good luck for the race too. ^^

  3. hehehehe, and i guessed that right!! you really had a nice japanese dinner for his birthday!! :D

  4. going down to the restaurant?? hmmm, so meaning you were staying at Equatorial Hotel?? wow how nice, i also want to celebrate my birthday in a hotel room next time.. :D

  5. yay, and you definitely are becoming more and more healthy huh?? you keep running and shed all your fats, while you stuff all your leftover to you hubby!! jahatnya gadis ni~~ :p

  6. oi, i've not been to Kampachi before.. must find one nice occasion to go and have a satisfying dinner there one day..

  7. @SK,
    Yup, you guessed right on all counts. :) You guessed it even before we made the decision. Like a clairvoyant lah you. xD

    Stuff hubby with all the food, then complain he is getting fatter some more. I memang jahat kan? LOL

    When you go to Kampachi, don't forget to share! :)

  8. Yes, it's always nice to have some 'couple' time once in a while :D

  9. @Nick,
    It sure was. But can't do it all the time. Raimie will be unhappy about it. LOL

    Have fun tomorrow! :)

  10. waahhhh dating + honeymoon lagik kah?? kekekekekk best nya lahaiiii. errr kenyang ke makan itu je tu??

  11. @Dot,

    Kenyang apa... perut aku comey. heh heh

  12. Kampachi used to the THE Japanese restaurant to go to in KL - probably still is or one of the best in a hotel.

    Happy Birthday to Zaini again.

  13. @HappySurfer,
    I didn't go to the one in KL though. We went to the one in Bangi. ^^

  14. Wow, I love good service restaurant, and the food looks really good too!!

    Couple times... sob sob, whn I can hv mine!T-T
    Happy for you too!^^

  15. The food looks good as always and yes, Nick's right - 'couple time' once in a while is sooo good. Nothing like reconnecting with your partner :)

  16. @Alice,
    Chuck the kiddos with a relative and make an appointment with your hubby? When is he not outstation? ;p

  17. @sriyany,
    Yeah, couple time is good. And no talking about kids! ;p

  18. Everyone scared of my anak already... MIL's face also turn pale if I asked her to take care both for awhile.>_<

    My husband kar... uncertain leh...service job.:(

  19. @Alice,
    Poor MIL! ;p

    Hard to get time for the two of you? Maybe have to wait for them to be bigger, then can go on a looooooong honeymoon together. ^^



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