Sunday, 9 October 2011

First Visit To Miyagi Japanese Restaurant

We seem to be eating lots of Japanese food lately, don't you think? Maybe it's our bodies' way asking us to adjust our palate and train it to eat Japanese food for two weeks in two months' time! LOL

You know, whenever we are overseas, I think it only took me a week to start missing spicy Malaysian food. And we never fail to hit the Mamak first thing when we arrived home after a long vacation. Nothing hit the spot like a plate of curry and maybe some roti canai too. Haha

Anyhoo, we passed by this restaurant a few time when we are around Bandar Baru Bangi but it never seem to be open. Well, it has limited opening hours. For lunch it's from 11.30am - 2.30pm and dinner hours are from 5.30pm - 9.30pm. Not for someone who wants to eat a late lunch or dinner here!
 Happy to be eating Japanese food again!
Writings on the wall. It's the menu. Worry not though, they do have English menu. Lots of them. xD
Jellyfish on the ceiling? Nice lighting. Makes for a romantic mood in the place. That coupled with soft, soothing Japanese song makes for a mellow atmosphere in the restaurant. Good place for a quiet lunch/dinner.
More photos of the interior. Nice place, isn't it? And nice food too.
Raimie as always wanted to eat sushi so we ordered the sushi/udon set - total bargain at RM30.00
I went for the teppan set. I still crave for some protein and I want to eat meat. Absolutely generous portion although the beef was a bit hard and dry. But I ate every single thing there! Mine was priced RM30.00
Zaini went for the set lunch too and ordered the yakiniku jyu set. RM28.00 for a complete meal. A set lunch got us a main course, miso soup, pickles, chawan mushi, fruits and desserts. If that's not a bargain, I don't know what is.
Raimie enjoying his chawan mushi.
and to close off a particularly nice meal, two balls of mochi were served. Nice...

Green tea wasn't on the drinks menu here because well, it's FOC. Just ask for it and they'll serve it to you. Total bill came to RM96.80. No government tax charge so diners save 6% of that eating here. ^^

I'd return again to this place for a meal if I'm in the vicinity.


  1. You sure love your Japanese food, don't you :)

  2. @Nick,
    Yeah but I should be pacing myself. Gonna eat Japanese food for two weeks straight in Dec. xD

  3. errr, i don't think i will miss spicy food at all if i go travel.. i will try to enjoy the local food there instead.. that should be the way right?? :p

  4. hey, this place looks nice, i like the deco, feel so comfy and cosy.. the food portion also quite huge for RM30 yeah??

  5. not bad at all, but then Bandar Baru Bangi, that's a place quite impossible that i will go, hahaha~~ better stick to somewhere in KL if you can recommend some equally worth ones.. :p

  6. @SK,
    You don't? Maybe coz you don't eat spicy food? ;p
    I enjoy trying out local cuisine but I'll start wanting something spicy when in Japan, I even crave for Korean food there. LOL

    I think I won't face any problem vacationing in Korea though. ^^

    If ever you have any business to deal with in Putrajaya, Bandar Baru Bangi isn't that far away from Putrajaya. :)

    KL restaurants? I seldom venture to KL. It's only to work or Bangsar for me!

  7. Nice Japanese food! Thanks for sharing the info. Good of them to absorb the govt tax.

  8. @HappySurfer,
    Not all establishment need to pay government tax as there are an amount of sales needed before a place needs to pay the tax. So if you don't pay the tax and didn't have the license or approval to collect it, why do you need to ask customers to pay it, right? ;)

  9. How does Japanese food in Malaysia compare to Japanese food in Japan?

    Japan Australia

  10. @Japan Australia,
    Incomparable. But one good point of having it here in Malaysia - I can choose and enjoy Japanese food at certified Halal restaurants. :)

  11. The place is so nice! I do hate paying the VAT in restaurants.

  12. @jellybelly,
    I hate it too, but most of the time, cannot get away from paying the tax. :(

  13. They put the menu on the wall like that, so interesting lah.. Though I wouldn't know it's the menu, I'd probably assume it's some prayers or something.. hahaha

  14. @Bella,

    They put the menu like that, the way you can find menus in restaurants in Japan. Nice touch, right? :)



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