Friday, 7 October 2011

Ready To Roll?

Received my Putrajaya Night Marathon race kit yesterday courtesy of the courier service. I had erroneously thought that it would be sent over to my office address and after checking my e-mail, I only noticed that I put in my FIL's house address instead. Aiyah! And here I was waiting for the race kit to arrive the office. o.O
The race is scheduled on Saturday, Oct 15 and I'm slightly nervous about it. Not about running itself, but the crowd that will be running that night. Me and crowd usually don't go well together. ahahaha Looking at last year's race and the sheer amount of runners congregating there is simply mind boggling for me. (Would there be long queues at the loo for one?)

Running wise - well, I can always walk, limp, hobble, etc to get to the finish line that night seeing that I haven't been running much and had been putting my legs up this past week, nursing a very painful calf.

Good luck to all running that night and have fun training for the big night!

I'll be the middle age auntie, either in my bright orange or striking pink running vest and sporting a pigtail, if anyone cares to look for me! LOL

After the Putrajaya Night Marathon, I'm set for the IOI Community Run which will be held on Nov 20th. I've also signed up for the Multi-Purpose Insurans Run to be held on Jan 8th 2012.

One race a month, that's the amount of race Zaini would be willing to go and send me to. More than that, I have to find my own means of transport. Huhuhu

I don't have anything registered in Dec yet but that's just because the two races that I probably can enter; the Multimedia University RakanMuda Run on Dec 17th and the Malakoff Run on Dec 18th is just a few days after our return from a fortnight vacation. I'd be so out of shape, I think. That and the penchant to get myself injured on the last day of our vacation.


  1. wow!! yay yay yay!! keep going the middle-age auntie in striking pink!! am sure you'll be shining under the moonlight!! wakakaka~~ :D

  2. i was thinking, if you are participating in more than one run in a month and your hubby is not fetching you there.. then you just RUN there lah, as warm up!! huhuhuhu~~ :D

  3. haiyoh, why you said yourself middle-aged auntie?? not yet 40 what.. you are still one sweet little gadis lah.. the more you run the sweeter and younger and rejuvenated you are.. so run more!! :D

  4. @SK,
    Run to the race starting line? Now, that's an idea. xD

    I not yet start the race, already pancit. LOL

    Heart and mind still teenage years lah but have you looked at my recent photos. Definitely an auntie one! Huhuhu

  5. haiyoh, do some facial treatment and put on some make up, sure more gadis than those gadis lah~~ :D

  6. A marathon runner now. Wow! More power to you, Lina!

    Looks like your running schedule is all set out. Best of luck and best of health!

  7. Love your comment at SK's! LOL!

    Btw, have you had the chance to help Robin with his survey? Please do, it's anonymous.

  8. @SK,
    Put on makeup then run then sweat, all makeup run down on face. One time look, people thought I "hantu" running along Putrajaya. kakaka

  9. @HappySurfer,
    Cannot call me a marathon runner yet. I've yet to enter a marathon. Just going for 10K at Putrajaya Night Marathon and watch marathoners and half-marathoners run in complete awe. ^^

    BTW, whose Robin?

  10. Robin's a fellow-blogger in Sgp conducting a very short anonymous survey for his PhD project. He needs 500 responses and asked if I could help get the word out. I'm sure he has a deadline to meet. Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks in advance, Lina. If your readers can also help, it will accelerate his meeting the quota. Thank you, everyone. The survey form can be found here. Thank you.

    Interesting Word Verification: ingin

  11. i have been wanting to go run.. but i never get started :(. ok i fail big time... >.<

  12. Good luck, 10k kan? But truly if still sakit your calf do consider not running or walk aje ! Don't aggravate injury! And ehem, if u consider urself makcik, I hv to be grandma category lah lol .. Mana boleh??? Am still 25 at heart hihi

  13. @HappySurfer,
    OK, will check it out.

  14. @LV,
    Getting started is always the hardest.

    How about your swim? You do that now?

  15. @KJ,
    It's getting better. Hoping can run a bit this weekend. Nothing too much, just nak kasik legs (& lungs) biasa balik bersemput-semput. heh heh

    I think kalau people see us two, they'd think you're the younger one lah Kak June! Forever 25 kan? ;p

  16. All the best for the PNM. Don't worry la, you got lots of company cos this 'old uncle' will also be crawling along with the younger boys ... hahaha!

    And yes, the toilet line will be pretty long so make sure you go earlier. Even though you've been resting, I'm sure you'll do fine. The crowd does help with the adrenalin rush so all the best and have fun.

  17. @Nick aka uncle Nick,
    Your crawling pace would be my speedwork pace, I think. LOL

    I have the tendency to have a need to visit the loo shortly before run even though I've gone before. Here I am nervous about loo visit. kakaka

    All the best to you and wife for the PNM. Is she running the HM too?

  18. @KJ,
    Takpe. Hati yg penting. :)

    You gonna be at PNM?

  19. This is it? What you've been training for? Can't wait for your post on the big one :)

  20. @jellybelly,
    Actually it's the other way round. I entered this big race as a progression for all my running at ungodly hours these past few months. I actually had no intention of entering any race yet, but kinda got hooked after signing up for this. ;p

    A post of the race is definitely on the cards. Maybe on Saturday night itself, after the race. :)

  21. Aww read your post earlier about your fall so now cannot join this lah? Sedih.. Takpe la, there'll always be another marathon kan? Just go there to take picture pun ok kan.. :)

  22. @Bella,
    Nope, not going to miss the race. I'm still running/walking tomorrow until the finish line! ^^



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