Monday, 29 December 2014

Flood Relief For Pantai Timur

As everyone is aware, the flood in certain parts of Malaysia has reached critical level. Apart from the agencies doing the best to aid the flood victims, it is heartening to see Malaysians are all rallying around to aid them.
A group of runners had been tirelessly volunteering at one of the collection point, over the weekend.

 and now they are calling for volunteers to load 2 trailers this evening.
Apart from these, the communities are also busy with getting aid.
There are many ways we can help.
By providing basic necessities, or cash, or giving a helping hand, and/or some prayers for the flood victims.
Just sharing a few ways to channel our assistance, which was shared by friends over at Facebook.

We can blame anyone we want to later... but first, let's all rally together to help the victims.
Even a small effort means a lot.
Stay safe everyone.


  1. great to see everyone is helping.. and hope the flood will subside soon..

    i didn't volunteer at any collection point but just dropped by to drop some new towels and old clothes..

  2. Glad that many helps are on the way to ease the burden.

  3. Saw that in JB, there's people helping out...

  4. yes. saw many NGO helping with the flood relief. Good job on highlighting the avenue where we can donate

  5. Good job! I think many people would appreciate information on where to go to provide their help.

  6. I am so touched and impressed to see you posting so many links!!! My tears running like floods now.



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