New Phase

Well, kinda.

So my boy got his NRIC (National Registration Identity Card) done last week.
A big boy now. No, make that a young man now. ^^

Pretty soon, come new year of 2015, he'll face a new phase in his life. He is going to secondary school.

All Mommy and Daddy hope from him is for him to be the best he can be, enjoy what he loves to do and most importantly, be a good human being. Insya Allah. God willing.


  1. A new phase for him and you too..

  2. wow big boy already!!

    now no more kanak-kanak but dewasa..

  3. I remember we used to brag about our IC when we were in Primary 6..

    my time still the 5" blue laminated paper, hahaha!!

    1. LOL

      Last time, gotta wait also.

      Now 24 hours ready.

      So different, huh? ;)

  4. Nice!
    I remember my own NRIC ordeal, it was not that pleasant, it dragged on for a year, I only got my IC when I was almost 14. And my IC is xxxxxx-56-xxxx, 56 instead of 14. Until today I have no idea why is that, some say 56 is the number for criminals, gosh >.<

    1. Wahhh!!! Why so long and tedious one? Apa you buat? hahaha

      But got people with 56 as state code la. KL/FT codes are 14 and 56 if not mistaken because I know people with 56 also... ;)

  5. Oh wow, going to be a big boy now! All the best, dear! xoxo

  6. Haha. My 8+ yo girl was asking about ic the other evening. When to change from pink (MyKid) to blue like mine etc. So I told her the 1st one would be when she is 12 yo.

    Big boy liaw! Good luck to him in his new secondary school.

  7. New year new challenges. :)

    new have new IC already. Big boy now. :)


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