PRESS RELEASE : MPIB RUN 2015 30 Days to Race Day

Kuala Lumpur, 9 December 2014 – Multi-Purpose Insurans Bhd (“MPIB”) will be counting down the 30 days to its Race day at Pacific Regency Hotel Suites on 12 December 2014. The cocktail event will also be the launch pad for Project Good Deeds, an initiative that collects pre-loved sports/running shoes and tee shirts for the Orang Asli community.

The Countdown is shelved for a week following the postponement of MPIB Run 2015 in support of the KL City Hall’s “1st Sunday Kuala Lumpur Car Free Morning”. However, it has not dented MPIB’s excitement for its upcoming Race. Project Leader Ms. Jayne Liew shares her thoughts, “The Countdown event allows us to keep building the momentum besides providing members of the media a good platform to find out more about us and our annual community Run.”

On how Project Good Deeds was conceived, Ms. Jayne offers this brief history, “The project came about following the feedback of our Runs’ participants, who replaced their shoes regularly for the maintenance of their performance. Project Good Deeds allows its runners to reduce waste and practise reusing by donating their still wearable shoes and tee shirts to the indigenous minority community.”

Project Good Deeds is preceded by Project Good Deed Shoes, which collected 249 pairs of shoes for 2 Orang Asli settlements. With the doubling of the beneficiaries to 4 settlements in Project Good Deeds, MPIB hopes the number of donors and collected items would increase.

MPIB Run 2015 will be the 4th Run organised by the general insurer with the support of a host of sponsors and partners including New Balance (Official Apparel), Revive Isotonic (Official Isotonic), Pacific Regency Hotel Group (Official Hotel) and Running Man (Official Media – Magazine).


  1. Nice sharing, Lina! Have a good day! xoxo

  2. Whoaaa!!! This is getting interesting now calling for shoe donations. I remember a while ago was the campaigns by Syed Azmi for Winter Warm clothes for Syria, then books, then soft toys and now running shoes & T-shirts! I think I can help with the excuse to buy new ones later.

    1. Hahaha

      You get an excuse to buy new running shoes and you get good deeds too! ;)

  3. aiya....KL too far la.. JB ada kah?


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