Sunday, 7 December 2014

Race Recap : Fujisan Marathon (REPC)

I'm going to do a two-parter posts on Fujisan Marathon which I ran on Sunday, Nov 30th, 2014.

First, the REPC (race entry pack collection) on Saturday, the day before the marathon and the second one will be about the race day itself. 

Special mah. My first overseas run so both the REPC and race day deserves special mention. ^^

We went to Lake Kawaguchi on Saturday morning, taking an express bus from Shinjuku to Kawaguchiko Station. Now, now Ru. Don't snort. Hahaha

The journey was about an hour and a half and was really a nice ride to the station where the REPC for overseas runners was located.
Immediately after we disembarked, I made a beeline for this counter. Collection was easy as I just needed to pass the e-mail confirmation of my entry to Fujisan Marathon.

The volunteers spoke English so no issues at all for runners who doesn't understand Japanese at all.

Shortly after, we found a friend whom we know was also running the marathon and we had a photo marathon then onwards. Hahaha
After disturbing other runners and innocent bystanders by asking them to take our photos together, we made our move to the race venue which was also where the REPC counters for local runners were located, a few hundred metres from the train station.

Along the way, we met fellow Malaysians who gave words of encouragement to us. A few Japanese stopped too as it was obvious where we were from, from the t-shirt that our friend, Gme was wearing. MALAYSIA!
Apart from my race kit, there were plenty of merchandises sold at bargain prices by the sponsors of the marathon so we could get not only special Fujisan Marathon memorabilia at 50% off, there were Mizuno merchandises, VAAM, Swans glasses and even a local bakery sold melon pan at a mere 100yen a piece!
We decided to linger and soak in the atmosphere of the REPC. There were artistes on the stage performing and even some comedy skit apart from speeches by the mayor, the officials of the marathon and stuff.

The mascots of Fuji-Q Highlands Theme Park, which was a sponsor of the marathon were making their rounds and of course must stop them and ask for photos together! Hahaha
There was an announcement later that a staff will be going around giving out numbered slips for a lucky draw that will be held later. He was quickly swarmed by runners, but everyone was polite lah, asking for a number. I joined the swarm while Hubby got his number just by standing still as the staff then walked around instead of standing in one place to give the numbers out.

I guess that's a more fair way to distribute the numbers, yeah? ^^

The lucky draw was fun. It was done by two celebrities. One I wasn't sure of... but I think he's a sports person and a duo comedian which seemed to be highly popular with the crowd.

The prize ranged from cartons of energy gels packs, fruit juices, blankets, backpacks to local premium sake. Way cool! 

None of us had the luck and won anything but we had fun being involved. Twice, a number that were close to Son's number were called. Oh shoot! Zannen. Huhuhu

We decided to leave the venue just as it was getting dark, about around 4.00pm and headed to Kawaguchiko station.
But before boarding the train to get to our hotel, which was two stops away from Kawaguchiko station, some photos of the Fujisan in the background. ^^

But relaxing wasn't on the cards yet. Me and hubby later went out again while Son relaxed in our hotel room. Managed to do a bit of shopping for clothes and some souvenirs and then went out looking for a place to eat.

We ended up walking a bit of distance trying to find a place to eat as there were nothing interesting nearby the Fujisan station which is the station near to our hotel.

To tell you the truth, as everything seemed to shut down at 8.00pm there, I was a bit in a panicky mode. I didn't have a proper lunch and I needed a good dinner. I didn't want to just eat buns bought at the nearest konbini for dinner. Not when I needed to run 42.195km the next morning!

I sure heaved a sigh of relief when we found Gusto Family restaurant after walking a few hundred metres.

Back to the hotel, I took a dip in the bath tub in the hope that it will lessen the knee pain that I've been experiencing for the past couple of weeks.

Midnight and it was time to hit the sack and wake up fresh for Sunday's adventure.

The post, soon! ^^

Oh yeah...

Here's hubby sporting the event tee which I bought and the sunglasses that was included in the REPC pack.
 Since I can't wear this, he said... he has no choice but make it his. Yeah, yeah. Hahaha
Fujisan Marathon tee bought at around 2,000 yen. A bargain!
Fujisan Marathon's official event tee that was in the REPC is now Son's tee.

Both of them wore the tees as they waited and supported me while I did the Fujisan Marathon. It's the very least I can do for them as a way of appreciating them. And they do deserve it.

And oh, by the way... trip reports will be up in three/four days interval at my Japan blog and the first post is already up, if you want to read them.

First post is a summary of what we did in 10-days there. The link here


  1. aiyoh, i am not looking at the REPC, obviously like you know..

    but a peep at the surrounding view is already such an enjoyment..

    the world famous Mt Fuji is just there at the backdrop like so near, i like!!!

    1. Yup!

      Lucky us to get a clear view of the mountain that day! :)

  2. with the effectiveness and politeness of the Japanese, surely this REPC is a comfortable process i guess??

    no kelam kabut arrangement and also rude people cutting queue, as if you may always experience here..

    1. Actually here one also quite OK lah...

      But at Fujisan, overseas runners have different treatment. Macam VIP. LOL

    2. same like over here kot, foreigners always receive better treatment especially if you are a Caucasian..

    3. But at our local REPC... we don't give special treatment for foreign runners. All queue the same one. LOL

  3. I also love the backdrop with Mount Fuji behind! I am sure their will be more overseas marathons for you. There seems some popular runs in the Asia-Pac region ...hahah... yes, I am checking on them but don't think I'm going there. Wow..i like Mizuno...must be cheap over there!

    1. Am not going to chase popular marathons Chris. Hahaha

      I'll just run whatever took my fancy.

      Congrats on your first 10K, by the way. :)

  4. LOL! I'm most interested with the mascot. He looks like a masked samurai warrior!

  5. The race entry pack collection itself is so meriah like a carnival!

    1. Big races REPC are usually like that. :)

  6. Love the photos with The Magic Mountain in the background!

    1. So are we doing it together next year?

      Don't worry. You walk faster than I run. :)

  7. Walau eh! The sunglasses so canggih and nice! I like!
    He looks smart and macho like Bruce Willis!



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