Sunday, 3 May 2015

The Long Labour Day/Wesak Day Weekend - Putrajaya 50K LSD

How was everyone's weekend? Great, I hope.

For those who managed to not only enjoy the Labour Day Off on Friday and also Wesak Day Replacement on Monday, it sure is a great time to enjoy quality time with the family. Go on a holiday, visit hometown, relax and stuff. ^^

For us, we didn't want to join the traffic jam heading out of Kuala Lumpur so we decided to stay put in KL and Hubby and I used the long weekend to do some training and even managed a trail outing with Son and also mall visits! 

Our weekend started on Thursday night. After dinner with Son, we left him with his uncle in Bangsar for a sleepover while we head to Putrajaya.
Some of our stash for the night. We had packed Gatorades, canned Malta, Pokka coffee, Tropicana coconut water, apples, candies and even Pringles for the night.

We wanted to cover at least 50K from Thursday night to Friday morning.  All on our own. No support crew. No race events. No medals. No finisher tee. Definitely no glory.

Just us, because we wanted to do it.

The weather was perfect and we started our training at 10:34pm. As it was night time, we decided to stick to the safer and 80% lighted route of Pullman - Core Island instead of heading out to the roads.
We didn't plan on doing a fast pace, rather we just maintained a 10min/km pace for the first 5 hours. 

After two non-stop loops, we returned to Taman Seri Empangan for a rest/toilet stop. By that time, we managed to cover 28K in 5-hours.

We continued after a 20min stop but later took a 30-minutes nap. I guess fatigue from work and residual tiredness from running in King of Bukit Larut the week before took a toll on me. 

We woke up as the Subuh azan was heard and continued shortly after.
We reached Presint 17 around 8:00am and made a stop at the Mamak joint there called Darussalam for breakfast. Two soft-boiled eggs and coffee for me while hubby had two eggs and roti telur and coffee. Never good to run on an empty stomach! Always hydrate and fuel properly. 

After lepaking and resting for almost 45 minutes, we continued and headed towards Alamanda, using the lake route before we make the return journey back to Taman Seri Empangan.

The "nice" thing about using this route to get back to the Core Island is this :
A variety from the run/walks session and that's stairs. We reached the stairs at KM46 point. 

Another 4 more kilometres from here to Taman Seri Empangan. Yeay!
The route that we covered, in 3K laps. I find it easier to look at 3K laps instead of every 1K. ^^

We finished at 10:42am and actually had more than one hour left if we chose to continue (we had decided early on that we'd stop at 12:00pm at the latest) but with the scorching sun, we decided to stop at 50K mark.

We rested, waited for another runner to finish his run, chatted and enjoyed some watermelons that he brought.
Thanks for the watermelons Arman! ^^

We headed back home and packed this for lunch.
Chicken briyani. It was delish! 

Later in the evening, we headed out again to pick up Son and we decided to have dinner at Outback Steakhouse in NU Sentral.
Needed a whole lot of protein for recover, not only for the 50K that Hubby and I did but because we planned to hit the trails the next day. 

Burgers for Hubby and Son, his Uncle had chicken and hubby and I shared the ribs. I do wish Outback Steakhouse something other than those fries as their sides. Everything seems to be served with fries on the side! o.O

I think I'll visit Tony Roma's for my recovery meal after Route 68 Challenge this Sunday. Hur hur.

And that's how we spent our Labour Day. 


  1. I feel so embarrassed now, after writing about how I walked almost 4 miles (6.4km) in two hours under cool US weather as if it was an epic walk, and then now come here and read about you doing 50km >.<

    1. Hahaha adoi.
      What for, being embarrassed?

      Good job for walking the distance! :)

  2. Vesak here is on June 1, so no Public Holiday for us here yesterday :(

    1. On the bright side, you get a holiday on June 1st. :)

  3. Tapering week, no running over last weekend....
    Felt regretted to joined the traffic jam back to Ipoh, almost 5 hours....

    Thanks for the idea for my lunch now :P

    1. I'm still in mileage building phase, so no tapering... Hahaha

      See you on Sunday!

  4. Looks like you had a very productive long weekend! I don't know what I did and suddenly boom! back to work

  5. Hmmmn.... Nice treat to feast at Outback Steakhouse! I still vote Tony Romas as my preferred choice for everything.

    1. Me too.

      But no harm looking for a change, once in a while. Right? ;)

  6. weekend was alright...makan all the way and book hunting LOL

    Tony romas....yum....adui now thinking of their mouthwatering mushrooms. Yay May is the month they give rebate for GST in Tony Romas



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